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Beigong National Forest Park

  Beigong National Forest Park
Beigong National Forest Park
(běi gōng guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 北宫国家森林公园) was constructed in October, 2002, located in the Fengtai District (fēng tái qū 丰台区), west suburb of Beijing City (běi jīng shì 北京市). It covers an area of 9.145 square kilometers. And it is the biggest park whih is closest to the city center.

Pavilion on the LakeIn Beigong National Forest Park, there are deep valleys, luxuriant forests, with singing birds and beautiful flowers. The main peak within the forest is the Langpo Peak (láng pō dǐng 狼坡顶), which is 349.8 meters above sea level. To the east of the park, there is Lugou Bridge (lú gōu qiáo 卢沟桥), and connect with Qianling Moutain (qiān líng shān 千灵山) to the west. To the south is Astronaut Town (wèi xīng chéng 卫星城), while to the north is the Jietai Temple (jiè tái sì 戒台寺). An old saying goes that while there is triones in the sky there is the Beigong on the earth.

Mingsheng BuildingWith the colorful Perennial Flowers Park (xiǔ gēn huā huì yuán 宿根花卉园), the well-known Jingxi Castalia (jīng xī shén quán 京西神泉), the Jiuzhai style Fangze Brook (fāng zé xī 芳泽溪) , the delicately built Anhui style Mingsheng Building (míng shèng lóu 茗盛楼), and the Little South China (xiǎo jiāng nán 小江南) full of romance, and the Yanxia Mountain (yān xiá lǐng 烟霞岭) as red as the sunset glow. the park presents the beauty of the North, where the people are in harmony with the nature. In spring, the flowers are blooming, beautiful and fragrant. In summer, the three are flourishing. In autumn, there are various fruits and quantities of red leaves, which makes the park much more different. In winter, though many plants are withered, some trees are still green, everywhere is full of life.

Ancient Stone BridgeBesides the natural beauty, there are some cultural relics within the park. Ancient Stone Bridge (gǔ shí qiáo 古石桥), 2.5 meters wide and 5 meters long, is constructed during the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝). The architectures around the bridge were damaged during the Anti-Japanese War, while only the Ancient Stone Bridge is still standing there. Xuanhui Pogada (xuán huī tǎ 玄辉塔), whici is located on the Qinglong Hummock (qīng lóng gǎng 青龙岗), is 198.5 meters above sea level. There is an underground river under the hummock, which is 3400 away from the surface of the earth. It is said that there is a green dragon, which is more than 10 meters long, always appears during dry season and brings a lot of rain. 

Read Leaves in Beigong Forest Park
Read Leaves in Beigong Forest Park
Read Leaves in Beigong Forest Park

Beigong National Forest Park
Location: Dahuichang Village (dà huī chǎng cūn 大灰厂村), Changxindian Town (cháng xīn diàn zhèn 长辛店镇), Fengtai District, Beijing City
Admission fee: RMB 10 (Aril 1– November 30)
                       RMB 5 (December 1 – March 31)
Opening hours: 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (April 1 to November 30)
                          7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (December 1 to March 31)
Tel: 010-83840830
Transportation: you can take bus No. 937-3 and 385 to get there

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