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Chinese Literature
Chinese Literature

blacktail row
---Liu Yuxi

Grass has run wild now by the Bridge of Red-Birds;
And swallows\' wings, at sunset, in Blacktail Row
Where once they visited great homes,
Dip among doorways of the poor.

七言绝句    乌衣巷

朱雀桥边野草花, 乌衣巷口夕阳斜。
旧时王谢堂前燕, 飞入寻常百姓家。
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In the Still of the Night

the Still of the Night
---Li Bai

I descry bright moonlight in front of my bed.
I suspect it to be hoary frost on the floor.
I watch the bright moon, as I tilt back my head.
I yearn, while stooping, for my homeland more.


A Painted Hide
This is a story from Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio. One day a scholar named Wang Sheng in Taiyuan met, on his way out, a beautiful girl. He brought her back to be kept in his study. The girl adked him not to tell anybody. Days later, Wang met a Taoist priest, who asked,\"Did you have any peculiar encounter?"

"No," Wang firmly denied."But you have an evil air in your face," the priest sasid with a worried look. "And your blook is about to be drained by a moster." Back home, before he entered the room, Wang looked into his study through the window lattice. He saw a fierce-looking devil was painting a hide. Upon hearing his footsteps the devil hurriedly draped the hide and became the beautiful girl again. Frightened almost to death, Wang broke into a
Donkeys in Guizhou
Donkeys in Guizhou
---Liu Zongyuan

There was no donkeys in Guizhou until an eccentric took one there by boat,but finding no use for it he set it loose in the hills.A tiger who saw this monstrous-looking beast thought it must be divine.It first surveyed the donkey from under cover,then ventured a little nearer,still keeping a respectful distance however.
Guan-guan go the ospreys ,
On the islet in the river .
The modest , retiring , virtuous , young lady : --
For our prince a good mate she .
Here long , there short , is the duckweed ,
To the left , to the right , borne about by the current .
The modest , retiring , virtuous , young lady : --
Waking and sleeping , he sought her .
He sought her and found her not ,
And waking and sleeping he thought about her .
Long he thought ; oh ! long and anxiously ;
On his side , on his back , he turned , and back again .
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