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Travel in Heilongjiang

Travel in Heilongjiang

Jile Temple - the Famous Temple in the Northeast China

The whole scenery of Jile Temple

The Jile Temple (jí lè sì 极乐寺) is located on the East Straight Avenue of Nangang (nán gǎng 南岗) District, Harbin, Helongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province. It is honored as one of four well-known temples in Northeast China.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 November 2010 12:40
Yabuli - the Wonderful International Ski Resort

Yabuli International Ski Resort

The Yabuli (yà bù lì 亚布力) International Ski Resort, located in 200 kilometers (124 miles) east of Harbin and 120 kilometers (75 miles) west of Mudanjiang in Shangzhi City (shàng zhì shì 尚志市) and is the home of China's first destination resort and has expanded into China's first ski town with multiple resorts on 3 mountains with a selection of 2 stars to 5 start hotels along a main access road. During the Qing Dynasty (qīng 清) (1644 - 1911), the resort was the hunting ground for feudal lords. And now the two large areas are Yabuli Sun Mountain and Yabui Ski Resort.
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Heihe - the Border City


Heihe (hēi hé 黑河) is located in the northeast region of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province and is the first of the opening border cities of China. The territory of City Heihe starts from the central line of the main course of Heilongjiang River, overlooking Blagoveshchensk (bù lā gē wéi shēn sī kè 布拉戈维申斯克), the capital of Amur State and the third largest city in the Far East Region of Russia. It is a magic land which contains the Aihui Distrct (ài huī qū 瑷珲区), the Border Economic Cooperative Zone, Sino-Russian Border People Trading Zone and the Wudalianchi (wǔ dà lián chí 五大连池) Scenic Zone as well as the 1.72 million local people of all nationalities on their homeland of 68,726 square kilometers have been making the border land prosperous, keeping neighbors in harmony and strengthening the society generation by generation, winning glories one after another.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 November 2010 12:41
Jixi - the Coal Mine City


Jixi  (jī xī 鸡西) is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province, sharing a boundary line of 631 kilometers (392 miles) with Russia in the east and southeast. It is a wonderful place full of special tourist resources which is 22,531 square kilometers (8,699 square miles). The tourist attractions spread all over which join grandeur, beauty and wonder together in a great harmony. There is Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖), the emerald of north China, boasting of its mist-covered, vigorous and boundless water. There is Ussuri River (wū sū lǐ jiāng 乌苏里江), where the water is deep and rapid with delicate landscape around. There is Hutou Fortress (hǔ tóu yào sāi 虎头要塞), the only site of the Second World War in the world, which is called Maginot Line in the East. With the time lost, Jixi would show different but wonderful beauty to the world.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 November 2010 12:13
Yichun Travel Guide


Yichun (yī chūn 伊春) is located in the northeastern area of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province, it is bordered by Hegang (hè gǎng 鹤岗) in the east, Harbin (hā ěr bīn 哈尔滨) in the south and Suileng (suí léng 绥棱) in the west. In the north, it is separated from Russia by the Heilong River (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) and sharing a boundary of 246 kilometers (153 miles) with the country. Yichun is a green treasury with diversity of natural resources. In the administrative area of Yichun, the channels and valleys are densely covered with trees and grasslands. In total, there are 702 rivers in different sizes. The greening rate of Yichun is up to 83%. The city is totally covered by trees. In recent years, the city of Yichun has made good use of its forest and ecological resources to develop forest tours. In 2001 Yichun was selected by the National Tourism Administration (guó jiā lǚ yóu jú 国家旅游局) as one of "China's Excellent Tourist Cities".
Last Updated on Friday, 12 November 2010 11:10
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