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Travel in Heilongjiang

Travel in Heilongjiang

Wuying National Forest Park - the Heaven of Korean Pines

Wuying National Forest Park

Located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and south slope of Xiao xing'anling (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭), Wuying National Forest Park (wǔ yíng guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 五营国家森林公园) is established as early as 1990. It covers an area of 14141 hectares. It was approved as a national forest park by former Ministry of Forestry in 1993. It was promoted to be national 4A tourist attraction in 2002. It was designated as "National Civilized Forest Park" by State Forestry Administration in 2001. It was awarded as Youth Civilization in national tourism industry by Center Committee of China Youth Communist League and National Tourism Administration in 2003. Wuying National Forest Park has the towering old trees, vast forest, and the largest scale and integrated preserving Korean pine virgin forest strap.
Last Updated on Friday, 12 November 2010 11:17
Daliangzi River National Forest Park - Xing'an Pearl, Sanjiang Jade

Daliangzi River National Forest Park

Daliangzi River National Forest Park (dà liàng zǐ hé guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 大亮子河国家森林公园) is located the south of the eastern province Tangyuan County (tāng yuán xiàn 汤原县) within a total area of 7171 hectares, was founded in 1987. It is the construction of the first National Park Forest Parks in China. The main body of park is red pine original forest, and the park is a natural ecological landscape zone with stones, rivers, zoological and botanical sights, taking on the character of sight through grand ancient tree, vast forest, clean water, colorful scenery in four seasons and the charming natural scenery. It includes many perfect area: Daliangzi River Rafting (dà liàng zǐ hé piāo liú 大亮子河漂流), Giant Tree Island (jù shù dǎo 巨树岛),  Yuanhai Temple (yuàn hǎi sì 愿海寺) and so on.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 19:10
Khanka Lake - the Largest Freshwater Lake in Northeast Asia

Khanka Lake

Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖) is a transboundary freshwater body located on the border between Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China and Primorsky Krai (bīn hǎi biān jiāng qū 滨海边疆区) (the extreme South-Eastern region of Russia), Russia. It is situated 120 kilometers from Jixi. The area of the lake is 4,190 square kilometers of which 3,030 square kilometers are located in Russia, and 1,160 square kilometers in China. The lake supports high biodiversity (especially migratory birds) and is characterized by complex hydrology and naturally-occurring high turbidity, as well as a fragmented institutional authority responsible for its management. It is a remarkable site for nature protection, eco-tourism as well as scientific research (concerning bird migrations).
Bukui Mosque - the Largest Glazed-Tile Building in Heilongjiang Province

Bukui Mosque

Bukui Mosque (bǔ kuí qīng zhēn sì 卜奎清真寺) is also called Worship Mosque, which is a Islamic ancient building with Chinese national characteristics in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang in northeast China. It is located in Mosque Road off of Bukui Street (bǔ kuí jiē 卜奎街). It was built during the Qing Dynasty, and listed in 2006 as a national-level protected cultural relic. It is the largest and oldest mosque in the province.
Last Updated on Saturday, 06 November 2010 12:57
Mohe - the Golden Crest on the Bright Pearl


Mohe County (mò hé 漠河), also known ink River, is said to be due to the water black as ink is named. Mohe County is located in the most northern tip of China, belonging to Heilongjiang Daxinganling (dà xìng ān lǐng 大兴安岭) region, southwest of Inner Mongolia Ergun then the left and right two flags, north to the centerline of the main channel of Heilongjiang, and Russia, Amur, Chita region, across the Yangtze River. Due to the unique geographical location, rich resources, celestial phenomena peculiar, there is the "golden crest on the bright pearl" in the world.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 November 2010 21:26
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