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Foreigners in China
Foreigners in China | 外国人在中国

To Stay or To Leave, Thats A Question

A French Exchange Student Experiences Guangzhou

The brain drain is a problem that needs to be reckoned with in China and other developing countries. At the same time China's rapid economic development and rich culture attracts many foreign students to come and study in this land. Guangzhou's Sun Yat-san University, one of the top universities in south China witnesses an annual increase in foreign students of 25% according to Guangzhou Daily.

How's their life in Guangzhou? What's their image of the city? Staying for a few months of study, travelling and discovering China and this southern costal city, some of them are captivated by the charm they find, while others leave, thinking that it is not a suitable place for them to stay. Pierre belongs to the later.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 22:13
Serendipity Contributes to a Life-time Career
Gentle, nice, energetic, these are adjectives that apply to Mr. Meng Lo, General Manager of five-stared China Hotel Guangzhou. Mr. Lo is from Malaysia. After some four years in Shanghai and Chongqing, he settled down in Guangzhou in early 2006.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 18:01
Understanding a different culture: Dutch expat Arnoud in China
Arnoud, who comes from the Netherlands, is on a quest to learn about other cultures. His three years -- and counting -- in China certainly have added to his store of knowledge and experience. He describes what city life is like in Guangzhou and offers some helpful hints on issues like getting a visa and job opportunities for foreigners.
Veteran American Helps Mould Olympic Host
As the 2008 Olympic Games approach, Beijing is trying to correct signs all around the city that have been badly translated into English.

For example: a theme park dedicated to China's ethnic minorities had been called "Racist Park."

The bad translations are being corrected -- not merely for cosmetic reasons, officials say, but also because they may distract attention from Beijing's cultural treasures and cosmopolitan status.
Talk show about foreigners lives in China
Last Updated on Thursday, 04 September 2008 20:37
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