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Foreigners in China
Foreigners in China | 外国人在中国

Whether you love or hate rock ‘n’ roll, GAMMALUX will rock you.

By Cool Han

He stood onstage, bald, facing a couple of hundred fans who seemed more pleased than thrilled to be there. He sang, he jumped, he sang some more. He angled for more interactions. He pointed to one section of the crowd and asked, “Y’all having fun?” Yeah, pretty much. To another section: “Y’all having fun?” Sure they were.

May, 13Club, Beijing, Heavy Metal Festival. GAMMALUX were hard working and humble, rocking hundreds of crazy fans. On the stage he had a deep voice that could cut through the grinding guitar to get to melody notes. Surrounded by astoundingly hard and tough music, he yelled and screamed, creating a ritual background for the audience.
Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 22:22
By Cool Han

Proximity Butterfly, a spiritual quest and an odyssey of discovery


The first sight I saw Joshua Love the legendary vocalist of Proximity Butterfly, he was lying on the sofa with a philosophical expression blended with mystery and solemnity. He looked at the ceiling, at the cold black in it that pulled so loudly, as if he was thinking about a question like TO BE OR NOT TO BE.
Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 22:23
By Cool Han

What is it like to feed 15,000 of the world's high-profile athletes, coaches, trainers? Grant Farmer, ARAMARK foodservice manager in the Olympic Village will share his insights with you.

“Yes I’m in charge of the Asian section, as you see it”. Grant Farmer, one manager of ARAMARK, catering contractor for the Beijing 2008 Olympics answered my question with confidence and smile. It was a rehearsal in the Olympic village where thousands of clients came into the catering center having lunch simultaneously just to test the “holding capacity” of this center.
Last Updated on Thursday, 04 September 2008 22:35
Foreigner in Chinese Media
Extracted from First Mover, Issue 22, edited by Wang Ye

Ever seen a two-meter-like human-skyscraper walking passing by? And you might not recognize him by sight, but probably his voice will ring a bell—This is Paul James, anchorman of People in the Know, political current affair program broadcasted in English on China Radio International (CRI).

Dressed in black suit, Paul sits casually and shares his story.
Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 22:25
A French Lady’s Stage in China
By Li Dan

She comes from overseas, yet is quite a know-all of Chinese traditional culture.

She has been in China for seven years, growing from an visiting student to a beloved cross-talk performer.

Honored as a foreign comic star, she speaks fluent Beijing dialect and operates her body language in a lively manner to perform Chinese-style humor perfectly.
Last Updated on Thursday, 04 September 2008 20:16
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