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Foreigners in China
Foreigners in China | 外国人在中国

German Finds His Dream on eBay

German Sebastian Bueckle's business is relatively casual compared with many other businessmen in Shenzhen. As a young and trendy guy, the former marketing student likes seeking out the newest and coolest electronic products in the city and selling them on eBay to European customers.

His business partners manufacture the high-tech electronic products, ensuring he can get the best prices from the large stock, and all he has to do is to pack and dispatch them with DHL Express.
30 Days in Southwest China

By Gilles Barbier

We, Heidi Sequenz, Austrian & Gilles Barbier, French, have taken a year off work to travel around the world, a dream that finally became true in July 2007. First, we spent about 6 months in South America, then crossed the Pacific hoping from island to island till we reached New Zealand. From there we flew into Hong Kong and started our trip through the southwest of China. We almost daily write about our travel experiences on our website, where we also post our best pictures. Here you find a summary of our experience in China.
We traveled the 30 days our visa permitted throughout China’s southwestern provinces: Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan. This was definitely not enough! Nevertheless, we now know it can be easily done without a common language. This introduction to China also was an immense eye opener and some of the negative concepts we had of this country we corrected or simply vanished!
Once Upon a Time in a Winter Wonderland
Discovering China’s Frozen Paradise

By Chiden Balmes
How far can you go in China on one winter holiday when the temperature plummets below zero degrees? For someone who’s totally afraid to take the risk of frostbite, hibernating in a well-heated room seems the perfect escape from the biting cold. But if one is bold enough to appreciate nature’s frozen beauty despite the villainous winter cold, going further north of Beijing will take you to Harbin—a mesmerizing city considered among the world’s finest winter wonderlands.
Last Updated on Saturday, 13 September 2008 11:42
By Cool Han

"Yes, I have been a journalist for the past 20 years. This is the third Olympic Games I am covering. I have attended the 1996 Games in Atlanta, USA; 2004 Games in Athens, Greece and now in Beijing.” Michael Bascombe, the press attaché from Grenada National Olympic Committee (NOC) introduced himself to me when I first saw him outside the gate of Olympic Village on a torrid August afternoon. 
The 38-year-old had a pair of sunglasses and a big smile on his face. A veteran reporter like him who works as correspondent for the Associated Press (AP) and the BBC Caribbean Service, Michael seemed quite satisfied with his new job title: Press Attaché, which included a series of works like answering journalists’ enquiries, monitoring and liaising with the media in and outside the Olympic Village, arranging press conferences, news briefings, media interviews and so forth. A sword and a shield are same in nature, but this time, Michael chose to be the shield instead of sword, though most of the time he remains a nipping sword.
Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 20:48
Observing China
By LI Dan

Ten years ago, out of curiosity he came to Beijing, the capital of China. During the past ten years, he witnessed the city’s tremendous changes. Meanwhile, he learnt fluent Chinese, fell in love with Chinese cross-talk and became one of China’s well-known foreign comic stars.
Today, as ten years has passed, as a doctoral graduate from Renmin University of China, he shared with us stories about his life in China. He is Maurice GOUNTIN from Benin, a country in Western Africa.

Today, as ten years has passed, as a doctoral graduate from Renmin University of China, he shared with us stories about his life in China. He is Maurice GOUNTIN from Benin, a country in Western Africa.

When Maurice was a child, the concept of China, in his mind, equalled Chinese Kongfu actor Li Xiaolong’s movies or those Chinese goods with “made in China” label. He still remembers that China’s cooling ointment was a household medicine in Benin. He recalled, “When I had a fever or caught a cold, my mum just rubbed some cooling ointment on our body, symphony will be relieved.” At that time, it never occurred to him that he would learn Chinese and come to China one day.
Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2008 22:22
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