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Magic Tibet Ⅵ-- Chakpori Hill
China Travel Guide - Travel in Tibet

     Chakpori Hill
Rising up beside Potala Palace (bù dá lā gōng 布达拉宫), the spied peak of Chakpori Hill (yào wáng shān 药王山) is 3725 meters high. Ascending the winding path to the top, one has the opportunity to view a panorama of the ancient city and its surrounding landscapes.

Popular Snacks of Tianjin
China Travel Guide - Travel in Tianjin

snacks of Tianjin

Among the great variety of snacks of Tianjin (tiān jīn 天津), the most renowned are the so-called "Three Unique Delicacies of Tianjin," which include "Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Buns (gǒu bú lǐ bāo zǐ 狗不理包子)", "18th Street Fried Dough Twists (shí bā jiē má huā 十八街麻花)" and "Er Duo Yan Zha Gaoer (ěr duǒ yǎn zhà gāo 耳朵眼炸糕)". In Tianjin, you can see an endless array of snack stands and restaurants offering such delicacies that will captivate your senses.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs 


A word spoken is an arrow let fly. A word spoken is past recalling.  

Chinese Marriage Customs 
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

China is a large country with 56 nationalities.Different nationalities have different marriage customs, but whatever the nationality is, the wedding ceremony is usually very complicated. The traditional Chinese marriage usually involves 6 necessary procedures, namely: match-making, engagement, betrothal presents, meeting the bride,three bows, and drinking wedlock wine. In addition, a typical Chinese wedding nowadays goes like this:when a new couple is engaged, what followed is a choice of the date of their marriage. Most people would favor a bank holiday or special Chinese festival for their relatives and friends to attend the wedding. However,quite a few others, especially those in the countryside, would probably ask a fortune-teller for a lucky date(usually an even number)so that their marriage would have"Double Happiness". The wedding ceremony is usually presided
Five Tips on Chinese Banquet Etiquette
China Living Tips - Communication & Others
1. The seating arrangement is determined by the host. Always wait to be seated rather than seating yourself.

2. A banquet is an opportunity, a time to get to know your hosts on a personal level, not to discuss serious business issuers, so ask about their family, hobbies, children's schooling etc.

3. Do not eat or drink anything (except tea) until the host has delivered the welcoming toast and begins eating. If you are the guest of honour, you should also make a toast a few minutes after everyone has begun eating. Never drink your alcoholic drink alone, if you want to take a sip from it, find someone else at the table that you can toast with and then you can drink.
South China Normal University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

South China Normal University is an institution of higher learning with a long history and a rich legacy. Situated in Guangzhou, an open metropolis in South China, the University is imbued with Lingnan’s pioneering and pragmatic spirit. It has a tradition of elegant simplicity and a favourable learning atmosphere. In the past seventy years or so, the University has all along preserved its distinguishing characteristics, mainly concentrating on teacher-education and training, and has dedicated itself to training qualified teachers and professionals of other kind, viz., outstanding personnel of moral integrity, high thinking, inventive ability, with a sense of responsibility.

Mudar: A Chemistry PhD's Business Life
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

expats in ChinaThe bold young man started with holding a note for job offers at the local airport and finally became the boss of a B2B website and a bilingual magazine.

When Mudar Abou Asi was offered a scholarship in 2005 to complete his masters and doctorate studies in China, he could not have foreseen what an important part the country, and in particular the city of Guangzhou, would come to play in his life. 
Mudar grew up in a city south of Damascus, the capital of Syria. He spent some of his schooling in Libya, as his father worked as a teacher there for some time. He did well in his studies at Damascus University which won him the opportunity to travel to China to continue his studies in chemistry. The 3-months he spent looking for a job in vain before returning to study taught him that he could not rely on academic qualifications alone to earn a living. Furthermore, finding himself in the hustling bustling and business city boasting a long history of trade and the host of China's largest import and export fair, the graduate just could not keep himself away from the business world. 

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