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Home Chinese Idiom 入木三分 (rù mù sān fēn)
入木三分 (rù mù sān fēn)
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Wang Xizhi (wāng xī zhī 王羲之) is one of the most famous calligraphers during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (dōng jìn 东晋,AD 317-420) of China. When he was very young, he practiced his art every day and never stopped. Later he absorbed the strong points of all the other schools of calligraphy, and developed his own unique style of writing. Because of his achievements, he has been honored as one of China's sages of calligraphy. It is said that a carpenter once found that the ink of the characters Wang Xizhi had written had gone almost one centimeter into the wood because of his forceful stroke." Rù Mù Sān Fēn" is got from this story, which means the calligraphy is penetrating. Now it is often used to describe expressing sharp ideas or profound views.


入木三分 (rù mù sān fēn)
【翻译】 To enter three-tenths of an inch into the timber.
【释义】 形容书法笔力苍劲有力。比喻分析问题见解很深刻。
【例句】 这部小说对人物的刻画入木三分,情节也很感人,一出版就被抢购一空。
【近义词】 力透纸背 铁画银钩 可见一斑 鞭辟入里
【反义词】 略见一斑 不著边际


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