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China Living Tips
Five Tips on Chinese Banquet Etiquette
Communication & Others
1. The seating arrangement is determined by the host. Always wait to be seated rather than seating yourself.

2. A banquet is an opportunity, a time to get to know your hosts on a personal level, not to discuss serious business issuers, so ask about their family, hobbies, children's schooling etc.

3. Do not eat or drink anything (except tea) until the host has delivered the welcoming toast and begins eating. If you are the guest of honour, you should also make a toast a few minutes after everyone has begun eating. Never drink your alcoholic drink alone, if you want to take a sip from it, find someone else at the table that you can toast with and then you can drink.
Wanna know sth about customs regulations before going to china
Communication & Others

Entry: Tourists must fill out a baggage declaration form (in two copies) and hand it in to customs, retaining the carbon to show upon exit.

Personal belongings will be admitted duty free, including food, two bottles of liquor and two cartons of cigarettes. Wristwatches, radios, tape recorders, cameras, movie cameras, and similar items may be brought in for personal use but cannot be sold or transferred to others and must be brought out of China.

Guide Picks - Top 5 China Guide Books

If you want to get a China guide book, make sure to get the latest edition of the book. Since China is changing rapidly, the latest edition should have more accurate information.
1) Lonely Planet China
  • By Caroline Liou, Paperback, 1088 pages, 2000, ISBN: 0864427557
Includes a brief history of China, maps, useful Chinese words, and some good advice. But some of the information in the book may be out of date since China is changing rapidly. If you just go to Beijing (or Shanghai), you may get the book just for Beijing, such as Lonely Planet Beijing.
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