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Ancient Qin Dynasty road discovered in Hunan
Travel in Hunan
During the third general census of cultural relics in Hunan Province, an ancient road built during the Qin Dynasty (221–206 b.c.) was discovered around the environs of Dengjiatang Village, Chenzhou City in the province.

This roadway served as an important communications route two thousand years ago. "That ancient road is comparable to today's highway from Beijing to Zhuhai," Xie Wujing, an ancient road specialist in the Hunan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau said.
Ming Village Fortress (2)
Travel in Guizhou

Drama stage
The remains of the Jiangnan drama stage lie alongside Donghua Street (dōng huá jiē 东华街) in Yunshantun Tunpu (yún shān tún tún pǔ 云山屯屯堡). It is the widest point along the street. There used to be a couplet hanging on both sides of the stage which said, "People's lives are changeable, and everyone's life, no matter who you are, is like a drama."The stage is mainly for festive lantern operas, as well as for chuanju, or Chuan Opera (chuān jù 川剧). Locals often invite Chuan opera troupes to perform for a month or two in the village.

Ming Village Fortress(1)
Travel in Guizhou

The Tunpu (village fortress, 屯堡) in Anshun (ān shùn 安顺), Guizhou (guì zhōu 贵州), was built in the Ming Dynasty (míng cháo 明朝) for military use. Today, it retains its original style and pace of life.

Qutang Gorge
Travel in Chongqing
Starting at the White Emperor City in the west and ending at Daxi Stream in the east, the Qutang Gorge, or Kui Gorge, known for its magnificence, is only 8 kilometers long.

The shortest in the world-famous Three Yangtze Gorges, it is the most spectacular. In this section, the Yangtze carves its way through the gorge between the sheer precipices of overhanging mountains at both sides. The mountain peaks are nestled in the clouds, making one of the Qutang Gorge's magnificent views. The narrowest pint of the river bed is only several dozen meters while the widest pint is more than 1, 800 meters. Kui Gate at the entrance to the gorge, two perpendicular cliffs rear over the river surface on either side, looking like a pair of  giant door leaves.
Shennong Stream
Travel in Hubei
The 60-kilometer tributary of the Yangtze River, rises in the southern part of Shennongjia Natural Reserve and joins the Yangtze at Xirangkou in Hubei's Badong County. It runs out of the deep valley through the forest at a height of 3000m above sea level, and rushes southward between rocky cliffs. It covers 60 km and totally 17 rivers and streams flow into it. One of the most important ports of call for Yangtze Three Gorges tour.
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