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Daying Dead Sea
China Travel Guide - Travel in Sichuan

   Daying Dead Sea
Daying Dead Sea
(dà yīng sǐ hǎi 大英死海) is situated in Suining City (suí níng shì 遂宁市) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). It is of the same latitude as the Dead Sea in Middle East. The water in Daying Dead Sea is from ehte underground salt lake which formed 150 million years ago.

Song Ching Ling Memorial Residence in Shanghai
China Travel Guide - Travel in Shanghai

Shanghai Song Ching Ling (sòng qìng líng 宋庆龄) is the former residence of Soong Ching Ling's life long-term local and State activities in the important places. In the main building was built in the early 1920s, the National Government in 1948 this house under the Soong Ching Ling living. Soong Ching Ling in 1949 here gladly accepted the invitation of the Communist Party of China, attended the Chinese People's Political Consultative the north, participation in the formulation of major policies the founding of the PRC, and was elected vice chairman of the Central People's Government. She was here for a variety of State, the regular meetings and entertained visiting dignitaries from various countries, actively promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign, the maintenance of international justice. She created a new culture of maternal and child welfare services in China and foreign publications are also in the brewing here, planning. 1981 after the death of Soong Ching Ling in Beijing, here in Shanghai as the home of her opening to the outside world for future generations viewing. 2001 approved by the State Council as a key national heritage conservation units.

Chinese Wine
Learn Chinese - History and Culture


Unlike Western wines, Chinese wine is distilled from rice, millet and other grains, as well as herbs and flowers. A wide variety of tonic wines (zī bǔ jiǔ 滋补酒) are made with traditional ingredients. The popular rice-based Yellow Wine, is best served warm. It tastes similar to medium-dry sherry (xuě lì jiǔ 雪利酒) and goes well with a wide range of Chinese cuisine, especially during the cool season. Gao Liang (gāo liáng jiǔ 高粱酒) and Mao Tai (máo tái 茅台) are fiery, millet-based distillations with an alcoholic content of 70 per cent. These are definitely best sampled after a hearty meal.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

 chinese proverbs


Man cannot be always fortunate, nor can flower last forever.

Top 16 Shanghai Markets
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

Shanghai MarketsThe term "market" is flexible, and in Shanghai, it applies to vendors selling virtually the same thing all under one roof, or in one open section of space. Unlike the Western sense of competition, the Chinese believe that if you are all selling the same thing, you'll attract more customers. Fair enough.

Indeed, this makes life easy for the shopper. Want pearls? Go to the pearl market. Want fabric? Go to the fabric market. Want crickets? You guessed it, go to the cricket market. Just remember your bargaining skills! You'll need them in the markets of Shanghai.

1. Dong Tai Road Antique Market
Description: Be warned, the word "antique" can apply to things made last year.
Address: Dong Tai Road, near Xizang Nan Road
Opening hours: Daily. Morning (in full swing by 9:30-10am) till sundown.
Comments: Dong Tai Road is a lot of fun, especially if you're in the mood to just wander and look at junk. You'll find every kind of Mao memorabilia to old records, photos, lanterns, porcelain, chopsticks and knick-knacks. Remember to bargain hard here and have fun treasure hunting.

Ocean University of China
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Ocean University of China (formerly Ocean University of Qingdao) is a comprehensive university under the direct jurisdiction of the State Ministry of Education, offering courseworks in the fields of Economics, Liberal Arts, Medical Sciences (Pharmaceuticals), Management, Law, Sciences, Engineering and Agronomy. Ocean University of China (hereinafter referred to as OUC) is located in Qingdao, a renowned summer resort and an attractive historic tourist city of scenic beauty and temperate climate, convenient with an international airport for direct flights to Japan, Korea and Hongkong, etc. 


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