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Longquan Lake
China Travel Guide - Travel in Sichuan

          Longquan Lake
Longquan Lake
(lóng quán hú 龙泉湖) is located in the Longquan Mountain (lóng quán shān 龙泉山) on the west Jianyang City (jiǎn yáng shì 简阳市) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). The scenic area is centered around the Shipan Reservoir (shí pán shuǐ kù 石盘水库) and a small island, including the Shijing Temple (shí jīng sì 石经寺), covering an area of more than 51 square kilometers.

People's Square
China Travel Guide - Travel in Shanghai

 People's Square

People's Square (rén mín guǎng chǎng 人民广场) is a large public square just off Nanjing Road (nán jīng lù 南京路) in the Huangpu District (huáng pǔ qǖ 黄浦区) of Shanghai, China. People's Square is the site of Shanghai's municipal government building, and is used as the standard reference point for measurement of distance in the Shanghai municipality.

Classical Gardens of China
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

 Classical Garden
Classical Chinese garden design, which intend to recreate natural landscapes in miniature, is nowhere better illustrated than in the nine gardens in the historic city of Suzhou (sū zhōu 苏州). They are generally acknowledged to be masterpieces of the genre. Dating from the 11th-19th century, the gardens reflect the profound metaphysical importance of natural beauty in Chinese culture in their meticulous (yì sī bù gǒu 一丝不苟) design.

Learn Chinese - Chinese Proverbs

 Chinese proverbs


 When people are of one mind and heart, they can move Mount Tai.

Five Tips on Chinese Banquet Etiquette
China Living Tips - Communication & Others
1. The seating arrangement is determined by the host. Always wait to be seated rather than seating yourself.

2. A banquet is an opportunity, a time to get to know your hosts on a personal level, not to discuss serious business issuers, so ask about their family, hobbies, children's schooling etc.

3. Do not eat or drink anything (except tea) until the host has delivered the welcoming toast and begins eating. If you are the guest of honour, you should also make a toast a few minutes after everyone has begun eating. Never drink your alcoholic drink alone, if you want to take a sip from it, find someone else at the table that you can toast with and then you can drink.
Leading Universities of China
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Project 211 Inclusion in the project means that universities have to meet scientific, technical and HR standards and to offer set advanced degree programs.

The figure of 21 and 1 within 211 are from the abbreviation of the 21st century and approximate 100 universities respectively.

China now has more than 1,700 standard institutions of higher education, and about 6 percent of them are 211 Project institutions. 211 Project schools take on the responsibility of training 4/5 of doctoral students, 2/3 of graduate students, 1/2 of students abroad and 1/3 of undergraduates. They offer 85 percent of the State's key subjects; hold 96 percent of the State's key laboratories; and utilize 70 percent of scientific research funding. 


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