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Hangzhou Paradise Park
China Travel Guide - Travel in Zhejiang

    Hangzhou Paradise Park
Hangzhou Paradise Park
(háng zhōu lè yuán 杭州乐园) is located in the south bank of Qiantang River (qián táng jiāng 钱塘江) in Hangzhou City (háng zhōu shì 杭州市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省), twelve kilometers away from West Lake (xī hú 西湖). It is the largest travel and leisure holiday resort in Eastern China. Hangzhou Paradise Park covers an area of 800 mu (mǔ 亩), it is the themed recreation area of World Leisure Expo Garden (shì jiè xiū bó yuán 世界休博园). It is the sea of happiness, the world of amusement. The lake, mountain, river, sailboat and sand-beach show the harmony between human and nature. There are maximal exercises like bungee jumping, rock climbing and space swing. The amusement item such as Fan Shan Dao Hai (fān shān dǎo hǎi 翻山倒海), Ropeway (suǒ dào 索道), Flying Trapeze (kōng zhōng fēi rén 空中飞人). Everywhere is full of excitment and thrills in Hangzhou Paradise Park.

Jiugong Mountain
China Travel Guide - Travel in Hubei

          Jiugong Mountain
Jiugong Mountain
(jiǔ gōng shān 九宫山) is located in Tongshan (tōng shān 通山), which is a county within a Municipality of Xianning (xián níng 咸宁), along Hubei’s mountainous south-eastern border with Jiangxi (jiāng xī 江西). It extends for hundreds of miles and covers 210 square kilometers. It is named after the nine sons of the Wang’s in Jin’an (jìn'ān 晋安) built nine palaces in the mountain and became one of the five Bodhimandalas (dào chǎng 道场) when the famous Taoist Zhang Daoqing (zhāng dào qìng 张道庆) in Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋) opened up a Bodhimandala there. Its nuclear scenery is made up of three parts, Jiugong Mountain Town, forest park (nature reserve) and King Chuang’s Tomb (chuǎng wáng líng 闯王陵). Jiugong Mountain is one of the six national scenic area in Hubei province. It is of the delicate side as southern mountains, but also has the features of northern ridge mountains, such as grand, dangerous, extraordinary, quiet and elegant.

Guangzhou Antique Market (广州古玩市场)
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

Xiguan Antique MarketGuangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. Guangzhou boasts eight major shopping streets, such as Dishipu, Beijing Road, Gaodi Street, Culture Street, Night Market and the Golden Fish Street. If you take a tour of these shopping streets, you will surely come back with lots of commodities.

Erhu -- Queen of Chinese Folk Orchestra
Learn Chinese - History and Culture
Producing one of the most beautiful and haunting sounds in Chinese music, the erhu is one of the most popular Chinese bowed-string instruments.

The two-stringed, vertical fiddle -- China's answer to the western violin -- has a history of more than 1,000 years. It became popular in southern China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) when it was called nanhu . Capable of producing music with a flexibility approaching that of the human voice, the erhu is extremely popular in China today as a medium for both traditional and contemporary music and plays an important role in both solo and orchestral performances.

Hailed as a Chinese violin, the erhu is quite different from a western fiddle. There is a vertical post with a fingerboard crosses the sides of a resonator at its base. This resonator is covered with a piece of stretched
纸上谈兵 (zhǐ shàng tán bīng)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


In the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国), the State of Zhao (zhào guó 赵国) had a famous general called Zhao She, whose son, Zhao Kuo, was very fond of reading books on military science and discussing strategy. He could recite military texts by heart, and when discussing warfare he spoke so clearly and logically that it seemed that even his father was not his match. When the State of Qin attacked the State of Zhao, the ruler of Zhao ordered Zhao Kuo to lead 400,000 men to resist the attack. But since Zhao Kuo had no practical experience of battle, he was defeated and lost his life.
Later people used this idiom to describe those who are good only at theorizing, and lack practical experience.

Anhui University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Anhui University, the key comprehensive provincial institution, is located in Hefei, the beautiful capital city of AnhuiProvince. Founded in 1928 in Anqing and moved to Hefei in 1958, AnhuiUniversity is now a well developed higher institution supported by the government under the State 211 Project.

The main campus covers an area of about 55 hectares, two branch campuses 30 hectares and the new campus which is under construction 135 hectares. Its library has a collection of more than 1.75 million books and over 7000 Chinese and foreign periodicals, and it is equipped with a campus computer network. The University consists of 18 schools, 44 departments, 65 undergraduate specialties,119 master degree programs, 16 Ph.D. programs, and 1 Post-doctor's scientific research station, 4 professional master degree programs, and 2 state-level disciplines, 12 provincial-level disciplines. The University has a staff of 2399, among which 210 are professors and 490 associate professors. The student population totals 28143, in addition to 6466 adult students.

Peter Nestmann: In Business, Location is Key
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Foreigners in Guangzhou42-year-old Peter Nestmann, CEO of Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd., believes it is essential to look to the future of your business and that where you are located is central to success.

In the heart of Guangzhou's Tianhe District, what looks like a gleaming blue shard of glass and steel rises 1,444 feet into the burning summer sky over Zhujiang Avenue West. Completed in 2010, the International Finance Center (IFC) is the ultimate statement of the city's quest to become the financial center of the region, three years earlier in 2010 having been named one of the five National central cities in the People's Republic of China. 
International Friends --- In less than a two-week period, I found the perfect match!
About - WorldFriends Networks

In less than a two-week period, I found the perfect match!
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