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Chinese Pagoda
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

               Big White Goose Pagoda
Pagoda (tǎ 塔) is an important symbol of civilization and culture of ancient China. It’s also a significant style of ancient architecture in China. Since Buddhism introduced to our country, pagodas with Chinese characteristics has increased rapidly. And it has become an important part of the temple. Mini-pagodas can be taken as a sculpture and souvenir. Tall pagodas are with ancient multi-story structure, reflecting the situations such as technology development in different historical periods.

Khanka Lake - the Largest Freshwater Lake in Northeast Asia
China Travel Guide - Travel in Heilongjiang

Khanka Lake

Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖) is a transboundary freshwater body located on the border between Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China and Primorsky Krai (bīn hǎi biān jiāng qū 滨海边疆区) (the extreme South-Eastern region of Russia), Russia. It is situated 120 kilometers from Jixi. The area of the lake is 4,190 square kilometers of which 3,030 square kilometers are located in Russia, and 1,160 square kilometers in China. The lake supports high biodiversity (especially migratory birds) and is characterized by complex hydrology and naturally-occurring high turbidity, as well as a fragmented institutional authority responsible for its management. It is a remarkable site for nature protection, eco-tourism as well as scientific research (concerning bird migrations).
Pingdingshan - Eagle City of Chinese Opera
China Travel Guide - Travel in Henan

Pingdingshan City











Located in the central Henan Province (hé nán shěng 河南省), Pingdingshan (píng dǐng shān 平顶山) neighbors Luoyang (luò yáng 洛阳) in the northwest, and the capital city Zhengzhou (zhèng zhōu 郑州) is 135 kilometers (84 miles) of road mileage from the city.

Beijing Forestry University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Located in Haidian District which is home to many key universities in China, Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is a top institution of higher education in forestry and ecological environment under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education.

含沙射影 (hán shā shè yǐng)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom

altLegend has it that there was once a water monster called Yu (yù 蜮). It had norns, a shell, wings and three legs, but no eyes. There was a catapult in its mouth. If Yu heard the steps of a man, it would shoot sand from its mouth at him. If even the mans’s shadow was hit, the man would fall ill.
This idiom indicates vilifying people by insinuation.