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Housing & Finance
Advice for Buying Property in China
Housing & Finance
While the house was constructed without any major problems, you had an advantage. Specifically, we have a family friend who owns the real estate company, therefore, small problems we encountered were easily fixed. I assume most expatriates do not have this luxury.

One, don’t invest in forward delivery housing - buying property before it’s finished or even begun to be built - the price may be a little cheaper, but the risk is much higher.
No one wanted to help and everyone started finger-pointing. Luckily, labor is cheap in China and it only cost us a few hundred US dollars to fix.

Two, make sure the area surrounding the property you’re considering has all the amenities and infrastructure you’re looking for.
How To Exchange RMB In China
Housing & Finance

A foreigner can bring cash and exchange RMB at banks in China. A foreigner can also get the money exchanged through traveler’s check. Credit cards can also be used. What follows is a more detailed explanation.

What Are the Rules for Foreigners Buying House in Beijing?
Housing & Finance
Foreigners who intend to buy a house in Beijing need a certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prove that they have stayed in China for at least one year for reasons of work or study, according to a statement jointly issued by six ministries led by the Construction Ministry.
The rule required that foreigners only use and dwell in the house themselves and not buy a house for other purposes.
Foreigners were also required to use their real names when buying a house in China.
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