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Travel in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Travel Guide

  Inner Mongolia
Inner Mongolia (neimenggu Nèi Měng gǔ 内蒙古) is a Mongol autonomous region of the People's Republic of China, located in the northern side of the country. Its capital is Hohhot (hū hé hào tè 呼和浩特) and the largest city is Baotou (bāo tóu 包头).

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Inner Mongolian Specialty Cuisine

 Inner Mongolian specialty cuisine
Inner Mongolian specialty cuisine, largely derived from the tradition of ethnic Mongols, consists of dairy-related products and hand-held mutton (shǒu pá yáng ròu 手扒羊肉). In recent years franchises based on Hot pot had sprung up from Inner Mongolia, the most famous of which is Xiaofeiyang (xiǎo féi yáng 小肥羊). Inner Mongolia is also known commercially for the brand names Yili (yī lì 伊利) and Mengniu (měng niú 蒙牛), both of which began with the production of dairy products and ice cream.

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Inner Mongolia-Other Scenic Spots One Shouldn't Miss

 grassland of Inner Mongolia
Inner Mongolia has beautiful lakes and pastures, thick ancient forests, the Gobi desert as well as a centuries long history and culture, with the minority customs and special ways of life, all these have made Inner Mongolia an ideal resort which is attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists.

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Alxa League

Alxa or Alashan (ā lā shàn 阿拉善) League is located at the west end of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is adjacent to Mongolia in the north, adjoins the Great Wall in the south, neighbors on the Yellow River in the east, and leans against the Hexi Corridor (hé xī zǒu láng 河西走廊) in the west.

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(chì fēng 赤峰), also known as Ulanhad, is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Inner Mongolia. It borders Xilin Gol (xī lín guō lè 锡林郭勒) to the north and west, Tongliao (tōng liáo 通辽) to the northeast, and Chaoyang (cháo yáng 朝阳) prefecture of Liaoning (liáo níng 辽宁) and Chengde (chéng dé 承德) prefecture of Hebei (hé běi 河北) to the south.

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