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Daily Figurative Slangs (57)

每日惯用语(57)—— 饱眼福、不管三七二十一


Chinese slangs

A 饱眼福
Feast one's eyes on.

【发音】bǎo yǎn fú

            To feast one's eyes on something special, rare or beautiful. To be psychologically satisfied.

           The Women's Water Ballet performance was very wonderful. It was a feast for our eyes.

           The audience feasted their eyes on the wonderful performance.

Daily Figurative Slangs (56)


Chinese slangs

A 保护伞
someone or some power that can provide special protection like an umbrella.

【发音】bǎo hù sǎn

            This phrase, in a sarcastic way, compares someone or some power to an umbrella that can protect certain people or organizations.

           This is in sharp contrast with the abuse of powers widespread in many parts of the world, where protective umbrellas enabled some public figures to exploit their positions for personal gains, instead of working for the common good of the people under their care.

           Some enterprises were under local protectionism.

Daily Figurative Slangs (55)


Chinese slangs

A 帮倒忙
Be more of a hindrance than a help. Do someone a disservice.

【发音】bāng dào máng

            This phrase refers to a person who tries to perform good deeds or to help others but causes more trouble in the process.

【例1】 她替儿子做作业,反而帮了倒忙。
             She did her son a disservice by doing his homework for him.

           No doubt he means to help, but in fact he just gets in the way.

Daily Figurative Slangs (54)


Chinese slangs

A 八字没一撇
There’s no sign of anything happening yet; nothing has been done so far.

【发音】bā zì méi yī piě

            Pie is the left-falling stroke in Chinese and the first strike for character ba. This phrase literally means that the first strike isn’t complete yet for the character ba, which is used to express that a lot has yet to do to complete something.

           It has barely started.

           Don’t talk to me about raising children. Actually, I haven’t got married yet!

Daily Figurative Slangs (53)



Chinese slangs

A 八九不离十
very near. not far out.

【发音】bā jiǔ bù lí shí

            This phrase indicates that one's estimation is pretty close to the facts. 

           Your guess isn't far out.

           These calculations, though not always one hundred percent accurate, were never far out.  

Daily Figurative Slangs (52)


Chinese slangs 

A 熬夜
stay up late or all night. burn the midnight oil.

【发音】áo yè


           It's very stressful for you to stay up late working every night.

           I'd rather work all night than hand my homework in late.


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