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Daily Figurative Slangs (63)


Chinese Slangs

Have a load on one's mind.

【发音】bēng bāo fu

             Carry a constant, worrisome burden in economy or mind.

           Don't let it weigh on your mind.

           He hoped to get rid of the burden.

Daily Figurative Slangs (62)


Chinese slangs

Not likely.

【发音】bù jiàn dé

            Not necessarily so; it is improbable that.

           He's not likely to come tonight.

           I will consider it unlikely (that) long skirt will go out this year.

Daily Figurative Slangs (61)


Chinese slangs

Confound right and wrong.

【发音】bù wèn qīng hóng zào bái

            Indiscriminately; not to distinguish black from white; not to inquire into the reason.

           Where the fight is fierce, there he rushes in without hesitation, without question as to which side is right.

           Every time I make a mistake, my mom would always scold me indiscriminately.

Daily Figurative Slangs (60)


Chinese slangs

Feel really bad; be upset.

【发音】bù shì zī wèi

            Feel really bad in the mind.

           After hearing his cold words, I felt very upset.

           Seeing waifs begging on the street on my way home on the eve of Spring Festival I felt very bad.

Daily Figurative Slangs (59)


Chinese slangs

Go back on one’s word.

【发音】bù rèn zhàng

             Refuse to acknowledge a debt (or an account);refuse to admit what one has said or done.

           The enemy has pulled a fast one on us by breaking its word on troop withdrawals.

           How can you go back upon your word?

Daily Figurative Slangs (58)


Chinese slangs

Not attract attention; not be noticeable; not be attractive.

【发音】bù qǐ yǎn

【释义】1. 不突出或不显著的,不引人注目的。
                Not worthy to be thought highly, plain.
            2. 看上去似乎不重要。
                Seemly unimportant.

           He is not taken much notice of, but he is a very learned man.

           Though small, these objects cost me a lot of money.

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