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Three-dimensional characters
"Character" of the word in ancient times, among other implications, the use of language, the text refers to the main body.For example XuShen's "version" is the main focus of this book font structure.But Mr Xie said that the "wife 之 Words, words and phrases Health", it is obvious that the language is used to refer to unitsmainly with the sound and meaning.The words written on a piece of paper, visible, and it just three, the characters speak only Xeno justice inside, invisible form.Although sometimes in the minds of people reading a shining character shapes.We normally talk about "character", sometimes referred to this aspect, the
Don't let me be misunderstood
Nearly all foreigners who intend to learn Chinese would like to communicate with local people using their new-found skills.

They seem too anxious to talk to people they meet after they learn a few characters. This habit has been formed ever since they learnt their mother languages and they learnt them by speaking.

Surely it should be the best way to pick up a foreign language by speaking too. But in regards to learning Chinese, it is not easy to talk at the beginning. There are some foreigners who fail because they cannot talk to local people even after many lessons.
Pod : “Cook”
Match Chinese and English

炒                   sound
刚                   simple
xué huì
学 会               cut
tīnɡ qǐ lái
听 起来           at last
jiǎn dān
简 单              cook
rán hòu
然 后              then
zuì hòu
最 后             peanut
Popular Chinese Words: Bailing
The白领(bailing) was the first of being popular in mid 1990’s. Now their monthly salary may vary from 3000 to 8000. When it was first coined, it implies a higher level in social stratum than today. In mid 1990s, there are titles such as worker, peasant, teacher, boss, officials. A bailing means a high salary. A 3000-yuan-per month salary is quite enviable at that time, which is much higher than most of worker, teacher, and officials (If they don’t accept bribery). At the same time, the bailing means a well-educated background. A laoban usually has a much higher salary than a Bailing, but they are imprinted the marks of 暴发户(baofahu). When China start its reform from 1989, the first batch of people who are little-educated were more aggressive in trying to find a better way to earn money because they have nothing.
Later, bailing seemed not so as attractive as before. Every one who engaged in mental labor can be called a bailing, even though he is always making a hard living with a meager income. Then 穷白领(qiongbailing)was coined and many bailings loved to used it to show that they are only an employee and not as wealthy as
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