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Planning your trip to China

China Living Tips

1. Decide Where to Go in China
China is an enormous country with diverse options for travel. You can be as adventurous or "safe" as you want - in other words you can get pretty far off the Western Tourist Travel Trail or you can stay right on it. There may be certain things you absolutely feel you must see, or other places you didn't even know were in China. 

Tips about Moving to China
Moving to China can represent a significant challenge for even the most hardened expat. China is the third biggest country in the world by land mass and has the largest population at just over 1.33 billion people (23% of the world’s total population). Because of the large numbers of people living in the cities they are extremely busy and crowded places that are full of the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.
China is a place that is rich with culture and history, both of which centre around their ancient civilization. Because it is such a vast country it is a fascinating place for expats to live in and explore, and there are many places to visit, from the ruins of the Neolithic settlements through to the ancient trade routes.
Adapters, Plugs, Wall Sockets and Electrical Current in China

Preparing for your electrical devices and electronics on your trip to China

What adapter do I need? Will my computer plug work? What's the electrical current? What do the wall sockets look like? Why oh why have we not all come together to decide a common electrical current and wall socket for the world? It makes travel difficult, especially if you're coming from the North America, a few countries in South America or Japan - the only places that use 110V instead of 220V. But anyway, armed with a bit of knowledge and some adapters, you'll be able to use your electronic devices.
Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai transportation

Whether you’re navigating the streets of Pudong and Puxi or trying to take a weekend trip to 

the neighboring suburbs, there are countless ways to get around Shanghai. Join the crowds, or avoid them, with this guide on getting around the city.

Public Transportation
Bicycles and Motorbikes
Car Service
High Speed Railway
Public Transportation
One look at the swirling colorful lines of the Shanghai Metro System map might scare you away. Embrace it, because Shanghai’s expansive public transit system is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get around the city. It won’t take long to learn its inner workings.
Tips for Traveling with Children in China

What to Buy and What to Bring


Traveling with kids to China

Depending on where you will be traveling, brands and goods that you may be used to back home are of varying availability. Where there is a significant population of expatriates such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Western brands and familiar items are easily found in upscale supermarkets and department stores. However, if you will be traveling in the countryside, then it's best to make sure you've stocked up on the necessities to bring along with you.
Visual Feast of Red Leaves in Beijing

  Red Leaves in Fragrant Hills Park
The autumn in Beijing is the best season to enjoy the sight of red leaves. And the best time to admire the charm of red leaves is from late October to middle of November. We will introduce some places to you and you can choose one to enjoy the time with your friends.

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