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KFC offers Chinese youtiao
Event & Exhibition
American fast-food chain KFC on Monday began serving youtiao, a quintessential Chinese food for breakfast, in all of its restaurants in China, making another step on its road of localizing it menu.

KFC claims its youtiao, or deep-fried dough sticks, contain no alum, which is widely used by Chinese youtiao makers to keep the food fluffy and crisp, and which has sparked health worries.

A KFC representative surnamed Xu was cited by the Beijing Business Today as saying that her company spent over a year to come up an alternative for alum, but she declined to elaborate further about the substitute.
Newspaper Highlight
Event & Exhibition
Jan 27's news is selected from Beijing Youth Daily.

Guo Jinlong was elected the Mayor of Beijing.

Beijing officially implemented a range of temporary price-intervention measures in a bid to stabilize the cost of daily necessities since Jan. 25.

Vehicles to transport fresh produce are exempt from tolls.

The Prototype of Gu Zidi in the movie Assembly Wang Aifu searched for 12 years to bring spirit of Martyrs back to their hometowns.
A new "Chinese characterized" way to work out
Event & Exhibition

Many people consider Qigong as a very mysterious way to work out. What is Qigong? Why it can benefit your health? The following equations might unravel the veil of Qigong for you.



Qigong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation.

Visualizations are employed to enhance the mind/body connection and assist healing.

Regular practice of qigong can: prevent and treat illness, reduce stress - establish balance and integrate mind/body/spirit - bring peace.

Next is an article from Xinhua News Agency about the rise of the international reputation of Qigong.
Dunhuang Art Exhibition at NAMOC
Event & Exhibition
Exhibition theme: Dunhuang Art Exhibition;
The exhibition duration: Jan. 19, 2008 to Mar. 31, 2008;
Hosted by: National Art Museum of China and Dunhuang Academy;
Exhibiton Halls: Exhibiton Hall 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
Address: 1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Drink, exercise and live longer, study finds
Event & Exhibition

Drinking is healthy, exercise is healthy, and doing a little of both is even healthier, Danish researchers reported.

People who neither drink nor exercise have a 30 to 49 per cent higher risk of heart disease than people who do one or both of the activities, the researchers said in the European Heart Journal.

"The main finding is there seems to be an additional beneficial effect of drinking one to two drinks per day and doing at least moderate physical activity," said Morten Gronbaek of the University of Southern Denmark, who led the study.
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