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Homing in on an apartment
Event & Exhibition
Benny Oyama (left), Emma Song (middle) and Peter Walters managed to find an apartment in Beijing in just one week.

Could you find a Beijing apartment in just one week? It's easy if you know how. Emma Song, a Chinese secretary from Datong, Benny Oyama, a Japanese-American musician from New York, and Peter Walters, an American marketing executive from Utah - are close friends who had a week to find an apartment.

At the end of November 2007, Oyama was about to be evicted and Song didn't want to pay another month's rent for the room she was living in near Sanlitun.

Although they had discussed their separate apartment searches with each other for a few weeks, they only made the decision to become roommates two weeks before Oyama's lease expired.
Balancing nature's symphony
Event & Exhibition

Wang Yi has retained a deep love for music and nature despite his busy work at a Chinese bank. Courtesy of Wang Yi

Despite the late hour, Wang Yi drapes a coat around his shoulders and reaches for the voice recorder that is never far from his side. This career banker and passionate composer softly croons a tune as it comes to mind, conscious that it could be the beginning of a new musical ode to his homeland.

Wang, whose composition, Praises of China, toured Vienna in January, does not deal in staves and is not a master of any musical instrument. Instead, he calls himself a "primitive composer".
Curator makes museum a hip place to visit
Event & Exhibition
Fan Di'an

With a record number of 51,000 visitors turning up at the National Art Museum of China over the weekend for the Dunhuang display, museum curator Fan Di'an has not stopped smiling.

The 53-year-old art historian is among the few in the Beijing artistic set to sport designer haircuts and don fitted suits - the norm is a shabby look.

Before being appointed, in December 2005, as the fourth curator in the museum's 45-year history, he was the vice-president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and also a prominent critic.

The art veteran is also a new face among the nation's political advisors: He became a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in January, and is to propose at the upcoming annual session a solution to a chronic problem Chinese museums face.

"Currently, any artworks that are donated from overseas are taxed at a high rate when they enter the country. As a result, museums find it difficult to accept donations from overseas artists, collectors and museums," he said. "I will propose that such donations be tax free."
The best restaurants on Ghost Street
Event & Exhibition

The red lanterns that line Dongzhimen Nei turn on each night about an hour before sun down, marking the rebirth of Beijing's most celebrated dining experience: Gui Jie. Although it's known as "Ghost Street" because of the ghostly spectacle of the grocery and produce night market formerly located here, Gui Jie is now one of the most alive places you can find in the city.

Stretching over one kilometer from Dongzhimen Bridge to Jiaodaokou Dongdajie, this is the only street in Beijing that truly never sleeps. Guijie is a 24-hour celebration of Chinese cuisine, with hungry patrons arriving anytime from noon to 4am to chow down on the street where some of Beijing’s best loved specialties were created. Home to more than 200 restaurants, you can sample almost anything here, from Sihuan shuizhuyu and malatang to the rich taste of grilled seafood chuan’er and Peking duck. City Weekend helps you navigate some of the street’s best tasting treats.
Upcoming shows
Event & Exhibition

To season your off-work time, here is a list of
upcoming shows for your information.

**In 1930s Shanghai, two couples move into adjacent apartments in a shikumen building. Soon a complicated bond between the men and women emerges. Based on an award-winning movie of the same name, directed by Hong Kong director Wang Kar-wai in 2000,Shanghai Ballet Company has transferred the tragic love story onto the stage. This production features some of Shanghai's most talented ballet stars.

7:15 pm, Feb 22

Majestic Theater, 66 Jiangning Lu


**Shanghai Modernist Drama Group presents I Want to Marry a Rich Man, the story of Xiao Mei, whose sole desire in life is to marry a rich man. Follow the drama as bachelors come and go.
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