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College student rode 800 kilometers back home
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Henan, Jan. 30—Without ticket back home, a 20-year-old Zhengzhou college student called Gao Fusong had been biking towards hometown along 107 national highway. He arrived at his destination yesterday and the overall ride took him 7 days and a half.

[Retuning home]
Heading 800-kilometer-away hometown with no regard to snow and wind

It’s about 12:20 yesterday, when a young guy with a helmet and a large backpack got out of the toll of Huanghe Bridge in the north suburbs of Zhengzhou City, his relatives hailed and acclaimed who had already waited a long time. Gao Fusong rode in the whole course straightly from Beijing to Zhengzhou. Under such terrible weather, this young guy who hasn’t accepted any training spent more than one week to achieve it. “A little bit cold,” Gao Fusong said, smiling. Gao, 20, a sophomore of Beihang University. The initial reason for his riding home is “cannot bought the train tickets”. “I’ve tried several times, yet failed,“ Gao Fusong then made a tough decision: riding home.

Having made the decision, Gao didn’t tell anybody and he himself started to prepare the equipments. He bought a new “Giant” bike, a glove, a hat, a water pot etc. After got a knowledge of approximate routine from the web sites, Gao set out from school. He also took about 30-40 bars of chocolate for food on the way.

With snow floating and ice on the road, he felt a little regretful when he couldn’t take his bearings and tell which way for the right direction towards his home. At that time, he thought he was too impulsive, but he later insisted on until he finally made it. Go towards south along 107 national highway, from Beijing to Baoding, Xinle, Shijiazhuang …and after the 7-day-ride, in the end he finished the 800-kilometer-travel and got back home.

[In the Travel]
Songs shake off loneliness

During this one-week-travel, snow and wind always accompanied Gao. Gao said he didn’t expect that it was so cold that he didn’t prepare a water pot which could save hot water. Shortly after he set out, the water turned cold.
Apart from weather, vehicles coming and going is another trouble. Trucks often shouldered by him and according to Gao, “There are stones on some sections of roads, the stones are possible to hit your face when the bike’s tyres went onto them. It’s very dangerous.”

Considering the factor of security, Gao also made a riding schedule. Riding daytime and accommodate in the local inns at night. He has several maps in the bags which are especially important for him to tell the directions. Moreover, Gao bought a mp3 before the departure which saves songs like “Sailor” and “Friend” to encourage himself. He said: “I song while riding, it can shake off all loneliness.”

[Comments] Crazy action but so determining

“The biggest impression he gives me is his determination.” A friend of Gao who welcomed him yesterday said, “Now the college students are too lazy, but Gao proved the qualities of college students by his own deeds.”

Gao’s father said: “I’ll definitely say no if I know he will ride back,” Yet he finally admitted that when Gao backed home, he felt “so happy and so proud.“

[Gao Fusong’s Comments]

Our generation is too struggling for comfort, coziness, and even become a little depraved. I just try to let me persevere until the end. In fact, I’ve regretted for many times, but I only thought about it and didn’t want to turn back. You will never ever know what it truly is until you’ve tried. My peers have many thoughts, but the problem is what we put into practice isn’t too much. Since I’ve start, I just stick to it.