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Shanghai Children's Discovery Museum
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Children's Discovery Museum is located in Chatuchak Weekend Market and it was commenced in the year 2001 to provide an unlimited fun zone for the children.

This unique and exclusive museum for children gives children a chance to learn about life around them through real life experiences. There are 8 different galleries of 123 exhibits in three buildings, providing insights into science, nature, culture and society.

The first building comprises of 4 galleries. Primarily the Body and Mind Gallery teaches children about their physical history and educate them as to how they were born, how their brains work and how their bones and bodies move and function.

The Science Gallery boosts scientific knowledge through observation, assumption, experiments and conclusion. The Culture and Society Gallery, educates and informs children about the Thai and international cultures through original displays of traditional drums, various communicating languages and folk music from different parts of the world. Children can trial in a small music room, a puppet room and cooking room. The Technology Gallery features the advancement of technology such as electricity, auto engines, and radio and television production.

In the second building, the children are informed about environmental preservation. Kid's Town provides a chance for children between six months to six years to exercise their muscles and work as doctors, nurses, firefighters, and sellers and buyers in model markets. The Nature and Environment gallery or the third building teaches about living creatures and biodiversity. A beautiful kid's playground is provided to the children to indulge in outdoor activities. Your child will enjoy and gain knowledge in this exclusive museum.

Address: No.61,Songyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Shop hours:8:30--17:00
Phone: 021-62783130 021-62783127
Price:   ¥20