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Bad Words in Chinese
Communication & Others

China CussingSometimes, you just gotta let it all out. Whether it’s with your friends or just some complete pigu muncher, curse words do come in handy – whatever the language.

How Many Bad Words in Chinese Do you Need to Know?
20 Bad Words in Chinese
神经病 (crazy person)
王八蛋 (idiot)
你脑子进水 (his brain is full of water / idiot)
操你妈 (f* your momma)
滚蛋 (roll out of here like an egg)
鸟人 (p*n*s person)
菜鸟 (useless piece of sh*t)
良心给狗吃了(you have no soul)
你是猪啊 (you’re a pig)
比猪还笨(stupider than a pig)
弱智 (retard)
变态 (abnormal)
丧心病狂 (heartless crazy person)
流氓 (punk)
社会的垃圾 (society’s trash)
傻 B (stupid c*nt)
黑心鬼 (black hearted monster)
死 B (dead c*nt)
去你的 (scr*w you)
乌龟王八蛋 (as stupid and slow as a turtle)

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