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Home Travel in Gansu Tulugou National Forest Park-- Mythic Green Valley
Tulugou National Forest Park-- Mythic Green Valley
Travel in Gansu

Tulugou State Forest Park
(tǔ lǔ gōu guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 吐鲁沟国家森林公园) is situated at the hinterland of Liancheng forest area (lián chéng lín qū 连城林区), Yongdeng County (yǒng dēng xiàn 永登县), about 160 kilometers from Lanzhou City (lán zhōu shì 兰州市), and is the eastern branch of Qilian Range (lán zhōu shì 祁连山), with its elevation ranging from 1998 to 3165 meters above sea level. This park features strong stones, exuberant forest and vivid vegetation cover: pasture on the top, forest in the middle and farmland at the foot. Rare animals,birds and plants add more mystery and beauty to this fairy land. Reputed as Mythic Green Valley, The forest has become an ideal destination for eco-tourism. 


Tulugou National Forest Park was officially opened to visitors on first August 1984. Ministry of Forestry has approved it as a national forest park. The forest has become an ideal destination for eco-tourism.

Geographic Features and Climate

TulugouTulugou National Forest Park is characterized by fluctuating surface and its mountain is Steep and lofty. Vertical distribution of vegetation here Play incisively and vividly.

The park is 5848.4 hectares with its height above sea level 1998 to 3165 meters. Tulugou National Forest Park which has multi-ethnic mixed areas where there is in the mountain climate with abundant rainfall, ditching the mountainous peaks, verdant trees, its winding. The peak's show has become an original natural beauty without hunman beings carve.


TulugouThe entire park can be divided into five major scenic zones, namely front Tulugou National Forest Park (qián tǔ lǔ gōu dì mào fēng jǐng qū 前吐鲁沟地貌风景区), Huge Tulugou National Forest Park (dà tǔ lǔ gōu dì mào fēng jǐng qū 大吐鲁沟地貌风景区), Small Tulugou National Forest Park (xiǎo tǔ lǔ gōu sēn lín fēng jǐng qū 小吐鲁沟森林风景区), Sancha Tourist Village (sān chà lǚ yóu cūn 三岔旅游村) and Tulugou Pasture Pleasure Place (tǔ lǔ gōu zhǎng cǎo yuán yóu lè qū 吐鲁沟掌草原游乐区), including 47 scenic spots large or small all together.

The main scenic spots here are Mountain Hump (tuó fēng lǐng 驼峰岭), Skylight Hole (tiān chuāng yǎn 天窗眼), Hidden Dragon Cave (cáng lóng dòng 藏龙洞), Buddha Rock (tōng tiān mén 弥勒石), Heaven Pass Gate (tōng tiān mén 通天门), Kingkong Peak (jīn gāng fēng 金刚峰), Qixi Bridge (qī xī qiáo 七夕桥), Light Pole Rock (dēng gǎn shí 灯杆石), Exercise Platform (liàn gōng tái 练功台), Black Toad Platform (qīng chán guān 青蟾观), Water Drop Effusing Cliff (shí bì xiè zhū 石壁泻珠), etc. With various and peculiar shapes, all the scenes of the park enjoy the reputation of "being as secluded as Qingcheng (qīng chéng zhī yōu 青城之幽), as graceful as Mountain Emei (é méi zhī xiù 峨嵋之秀), as perilous as Mountain Huashan (huá shān zhī xiǎn 华山之险), and as queer as Jiuzhai (jiǔ zhài zhī qí 九寨之奇)".

TulugouLocation: hinterland of Liancheng forest area (lián chéng lín qū 连城林区), Yongdeng County (yǒng dēng xiàn 永登县), about 160 kilometers from Lanzhou City (lán zhōu shì 兰州市)
Tel: 0931-6531015
Opening Hours: 08:00am-17:00pm
Transportation: There is no nonstop buses in the county, It is recommended to rent a car, take a taxi or participate in local travel agent
Admission Fee: CNY50


By Air:
Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (ZGC) is located about 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) from the downtown area. It takes roughly an hour for the airport shuttle bus (at about 30 Yuan per person) to arrive at Lanzhou Eastern Hotel (No. 555, Tianshui Lu) at downtown. A taxi will cost about 140 Yuan.
Zhongchuan Airport Inquiring: 0931-8968160
Ticket Center Inquiry: 0931-8821964 (domestic) 0931-8828174 (international)
CAAC Ticket Center: No.258 Donggang Xi Lu
By Train
Lanzhou Railway Station is located in the south downtown.
Lanzhou Railway Station Inquiry: 0931-4922222

By coach
Lanzhou is the hub of the road transportation system in Gansu Province with Lanzhou East Bus Station and Lanzhou West Bus Station being the two largest.
Lanzhou West Bus Station is located at No.486, Xijin Dong Lu. Buses No.1,6, 11, 31, 32, 33, 41, 45, 50, 56, 58, 59, 106 and 107 are available and the bus stop is Xiao Xi Hu.

Scenic Spots Nearby

White Pagoda Park (bái tǎ gōng yuán  白塔公园)
TulugouLocated in the north of Lanzhou City, the White Pagoda Park owes its name to the amazing White Pagoda within it. With images of Buddha on its eight sides, the seven-story pagoda with a height of 17 meters (about 55.8 feet), is a pure white from top to bottom with the exception of the green top which greatly enhances the glamour of the whole building.

If one has an opportunity to visit this park, a climb to the top of pagoda should not be missed, as it affords a bird's eye view of the whole of Lanzhou City. One can also feast one's eyes on the magnificent view of White Pagoda Mountain with the Zhongshan Bridge at its foot. The way in which the bridge and mountain complement each other to form picturesque scene has meant that together they have become a symbol of Lanzhou City and very much a 'must see' for travelers.

Location: Binhe Middle Road in the north of Lanzhou City
Tel: 0931-8371462
Transportation: Taking Bus No. 2、112、113、131、136 to the gate of the park
Opening Hours: 6: 00am-18: 00pm
Admission Fee: Free
Best Tourism Season: Spring, Summer and Autumn

Waterwheel Garden (shuǐ chē yuán 水车园)

TulugouThe Waterwheel Garden, built in 1994, is located in the Binhe Middle Road (bīn hé zhōng lù 滨河中路) in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The garden covers an area of 1.45 hectares (3.58 acres) and is comprised of two waterwheels, a cofferdam, the recreation area and a house of water mill. The waterwheel invented by Duan Xu in the Ming Dynasty is the oldest one.

In the garden, tourists can experience crossing the river on a sheepskin raft, which is the most primeval ferrying tool in the northwest region of the Yellow River. A visit to the Waterwheel Garden will provide an insight into the irrigation tools of ancient times.

Location: No. 524, Binhe East Road in Lanzhou, Gansu Province.
Tel: 0931-8587111
Transportation: Taking bus No.140 and No.26 can get there
Opening Hours: 8:00am-18:00pm
Admission Fee: CNY10 (peak tourist season)
                        CNY5 (tourist off-season)