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Taimu Mountain

Taimu Mountain

Taimu Mountain Overview
The Taimu Mountains is one of the most famous tourist spots. It has lots of high mountains, clear rivers and amazing parks. It is known as the "Paradise at Sea" for its steep mountains, spectacular rock formations, secluded caves and foggy climate. Located in Fuding (Fǔdǐng 福鼎) in northeastern Fujian Province, Taimu Mountain National Scenic Area stands on the bank of the East Sea, nestled at the foot of the mountain.

About 3 hours from Fuzhou ( Fúzhōu 福州), Taimu Mountain (Tàimǔ Shān 太姥山) is lesser known than Wuyi Shan (Wǔyí Shān 武夷山) but equally beautiful. Embraced by the views of the sea on three sides, with its jagged limestone peaks perpetually wrapped in mist, the mountain is a magnificent place for hiking. So most of people once they had come here will say “such a good place for relaxing the spirits”.

Taimu MountainThe entire scenic area covers about 92 square kilometers, divided into Yue Taimushan, Nine Carp Creek waterfall, Riverside Waterfront, Mulberry Green Lake, Fu Yao Islands five major scenic spots.The highest peak in Taimu is only 917m, but with great views of the distant ocean. There’s virtually no English spoken and few Western tourists, so unless you arrange a tour from Fuzhou ( Fúzhōu 福州) you are really on your own.

Taimu Mountain Attractions
                   Rock Scenes

Rock Scenes
The marvelous rocks and perilous peaks of Taimu Mountain are almost lifelike. They come in various shapes, such as monks reading sutras, rabbits, and monkeys, just to name a few. Many rocks appear in different shapes when viewed from different angles. The biggest rock scene is Jiu Li Chao Tian Yan, which looks like nine giant carps springing from the water towards the sky. There are estimated to be more than 300 rock scenes on Taimu Mounatain.

Taimu Mountain Caves

Taimu Mountain Caves

Taimu Mountain is formed out of granite, and holds over 100 caves, each with distinctive charms. Most caves have cracks through which the outside light trickles in.  Although it does not as famous as Guilin (Guìlín,桂林) Caves. Some smaller caves are inside bigger ones zigzagging through the mountain. Certain caves offer breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. So most of tourists love here without any doubt.

Hulu Cave is a famous resort whose inside is shaped like a gourd. The cave can hold around a thousand people, and because of the many flowers growing inside, the cave is fragrant in blossom season.

Jiangjun Cave got its name because of three big stones that look like the shoes, cap and sword of a general. The cave consists of dozens of small caves. Streams flow into the cave, and tourists can hear them gurgle and even the roar after rain showers. Plants such as bamboo and azaleas are over a thousand years old.

Local Speciality
Local SpecialityFuding (Fǔdǐng 福鼎)White Tea was originally produced on Taimu Mountain, Ningde. Fuding, Zhenghe (Zhènghé 政和), Jianyang (Jiànyáng建阳) and Songxi (Sōngxī 松溪) in Fujian are the main growing and producing regions of white tea in China.
White tea is a slightly fermented tea with its body covered with fluffy white hair. It is a mild and fresh tea that comes from the same plant as green tea ( Lǜchá 绿茶). Containing up to three times as many antioxidants as green tea, it is the healthiest tea there is.

Researchers have found that white tea contains the highest amount of antioxidants, which can help protect our body from damage caused by free radicals. Besides, white tea is extremely effective in preventing cancer causing cells within the human body.

 Taimu Mountain Climate

 White tea

Ningde region of Taimushan located belong to subtropical marine monsoon climate, warm and humid,also with four distinct seasons, the typically  basin of the valley climate characteristics, hot spring and summer rain nearly occurred the same period, mutually beneficial winter light and temperature, light and ample, rich in calories.  Annual average temperature between 14-19 ℃. April to December is the best tourist season.

Travel Tips
Admission Fee:CNY115
Opening Hour: 8:00--17:00
Location: Fuding,Fujian Province

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