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Home Hardware & Tool The 11th Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition, 2011
The 11th Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition, 2011
Hardware & Tool

Date: Sep. 7-9, 2011
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Eleventh Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Accessories Exhibition (2011guǎng zhōu guó jì jiā jù yuán fǔ cái liào jí wǔ jīn pèi jiàn zhǎn lǎn huì 2011广州国际家具原辅材料及五金配件展览会) Organizing Committee will further intensify propaganda and expand the market, in addition to information related to implementation of the plan year, the focus on doing the external publicity.

We will in the world famous magazine advertisements, such as the U.S. "Today, furniture," Japan "Japan Furniture intelligence" in the world for year-round publicity for woodworking machinery exhibition in Guangzhou Information Week see the newspapers, and even large cities throughout the world many countries in Asia furniture manufacturers and distributors can be familiar with woodworking machinery and accessories exhibition in Guangzhou. We will work with internationally renowned exhibition to maintain a strategic partnership, in Cologne, Germany, the United States high-point, Tokyo, Japan, India, Mumbai, Singapore Changi and other exhibition booth booking, direct point-promotion woodworking machinery exhibition in Guangzhou.

In order to do the work next year, the breeze, the organizing committee decided to launch the "three equal emphasis" strategy, namely: the breeze both investment, both domestic and international, both large and medium enterprises and famous. Foreign enterprises, medium and large enterprises to achieve a considerable proportion of well-known.

Global total of more than 30 Furniture Production Association, the furniture retail association and the organizing committee will establish long-term strategic partnership, the use of their resources and networks to the world of furniture manufacturers and traders of Guangzhou woodworking machinery and accessories exhibition. Made in the furniture industry to achieve the true mutual benefit, furniture, woodworking equipment industries as a whole contribute to the development.

Delegation of the Organization have been identified, basing their discussion around the business association of U.S. furniture sales of the Committee, the United States Wood, German kitchen furniture Committee, Association of Mexican furniture, Italian furniture industry association, the Promotion of Japanese furniture, Korea Furniture Society.

Before the tenth Guangzhou woodworking machinery and accessories exhibition brings together 30 countries from around the world more than 800 famous enterprises from woodworking machinery industry exhibition. I believe that through the organizing committee and the general woodworking machinery industry, concerted efforts must be able to woodworking machinery and accessories exhibition in Guangzhou to play cause the Chinese woodworking machinery industry's top brands show!

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