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Home Electronics China International Power Transmission and Automatic Control 2011 (CIPTC2011)
China International Power Transmission and Automatic Control 2011 (CIPTC2011)

Check-in & Preparation: May 30-31, 2011(9:00 –17:00)
Opening Time: June 3, 2010 (9:30)
Expo Period: June 1-3 2011 (9:00 – 16:30)
Closing Time: June 3, 2011(14:30)
Venue: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology and the economic globalization, manufacturing industry is getting more and more attention from all countries. Using advanced manufacturing technology and equipments which could realize a systemic, integrating and intelligent environment of industry, and constantly improving the strain capacity of the enterprise have become a necessity of the survival and development of manufacturing industry. Power transmission and automatic control technology (guó jì dòng lì chuán dòng yǔ zì dòng huà kòng zhì zhǎn 国际动力传动与自动化控制) is the basic technology of machinery, and it is related to the performance , quality and reliability of the major sets of host machine and is the core of modern factory automation.

Boosted by the Adjustment and Promotion Plan of Manufacturing Industry which is made by the State Council, manufacturing industry has entered a new technology innovation period. "Created by China” has taken the place of “Made by China” and become a new development trend of world economy. With the interaction between domestic market and foreign market becoming stronger, the demand on professional trading platform is becoming further higher. The total domestic need of hydraulic pressure products, air-powered products and air-proof products will reach up to 70 billion Ұ, and the total need of general mechanical components will increase to 215 billion Ұ.

Benefited from the country’s rapid economy development and industry development, “CIPTC” has become an annually held exhibition which is large-scale, brand-making and international, it is indispensable to the sound development of transmission control industry. Especially in 2010, 488 enterprises from all over the world gathered in Beijing to take part in the exhibition. It is the most successful one, and the highest record was thus made.

In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation, the 7th China International Transmission and Automatic Control Exhibition which is sponsored by China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association and Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held in China International Exhibition Center from June1-3,2011. Various new products and latest technology will be exhibited and 60 thousand professionals (enterprises exhibitors, purchasing delegations) from all over the world will take part in the exhibition. The audience come from various industries like mechanic, car manufacturing, electrical products, chemical engineering, electricity, transportation, metallurgy, environmental protection, printing and dyeing etc.

Supported by
China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association
China General Machine Components Industry Association
Italy Gear and Transmission Component Association
US Power Transmission Chamber of Commerce
European Machinery Transmission Industrial Association
Germany Machinery Transmission Association

Organized by
China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association
Co-sponsored by
Huamaolian Exhibition Services Ltd

Address of Exhibition Organizing Committee: Room1118,Huayuelong Mansion, No 7 Jingyuan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Post code:100043
Tel: 010-68687817
Fax: 010-68631368
Liaison person: Chenjie 13681307069
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it