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Funiu Mountains
Travel in Henan

Funiu Mountaina

Located in the west of Henan Province, the famous Funiu Mountains (fú niú shān 伏牛山) is an important part of the geographical division of Northern China and Southern China. Funiu Mountains boast of the largest forest, the highest forest coverage and the richest biologic sources of Henan, extending vigorously for 400 kilometers, and also of the highest average altitude and the largest acreage among all the mountains in the Province. Funiu Mountains, among with the Yangtze River (yáng zǐ jiāng 扬子江) which is also called Changjiang River (zhǎng jiāng 长江) , Yellow River (huáng hé 黄河) , Huaihe River (huái hé 淮河) and some of the three major tributaries, constitute the he birthplace of the importance of water conservation forest.

Funiu MountainsEnjoying a subtropical and warm temperature, Funiu Mountains possesses preserved forest vegetation with 88% forest coverage. Owing to the Special geographical location and the complex and diverse ecological conditions, combined with less human disturbance to protected areas preserve the rich biodiversity resources. There are 2879 kinds of vascular plants in the region, including 37 endemic genera (local breed) in China, single-species and 59 national key protected wild plants, 32 kinds of incense; wild animals, mammals, 62 species, accounting for Henan Province 86% of the total number of mammals, 213 bird species, accounting for 71% of the total number of bird species in Henan Province, the types of insects are more than 3000 kinds. Besides, Funiu Mountains also have about 50 national key protected wild animals, which are leopard, musk deer, giant salamander, and etc.


The current physiognomy of the Funiu Mountains, the largest eastern branch of the Qinling Mountains (qín lǐng 秦岭), characterized by deep valleys and steep slopes, were formed in the remote antiquity by a series of diastrophism, erosion and denudation. This has blessed it with abundant fossils including those of dinosaur eggs and skeletons besides a great variety of ancient species including age-old plants like the China firs and rare animals like giant salamanders, making a detailed record of part of the evolvement of the earth stretching over a billion years.


Funiu MountainsFuniu Mountain forms the boundary between the north subtropical zone and temperate zone in China, which is also an appropriate area for all the North China plants, South China plants and Southwest China plants. As a transitional zone between the temperate broadleaf deciduous forests and north subtropical zone evergreen deciduous mixed needle leaf and broadleaf forest, the forests and vegetation covers are protected well, and the biodiversity maintain abundant. Funiu Mountain is also a famous area suffering from torrential rainstorm.


Mt.Funiushan World Geopark

Mt.Funiushan World GeoparkSituated in the eastern China, Mt.Funiushan World Geopark is the hinterland of Funiu Mountain Range of Henan Province. It is a comprehensive geopark and a continental orogenic belt type, consisting of a National Geopark, a World Biosphere Reserve, a National Nature Reserve, and a National-Level Nature Reserve for Dinosaur Egg Fossils and a National Mine Park. It covers an area of about 1340.93 square kilometers. The area of geo-tourism and eco-tourism is 683.95 km² , and the area of geosciences study is 656.98 km². The attached Nature Reserve area is 1296.54 km² while the geological route is 208.35km long. The geographical coordinate is: 111°59’48’’~112°36’51’’E.; 33°01’44’’~33°49’16’’N.

Location: 120 km² east of Nanyang Airport
Transportation: Next to the Ningxi Railway on the south side, and the 311 National Road on the north side; Crossed by the No.312 National Road; 120 km² east of Nanyang
airport; No nonstop bus arrives; taxis available.
Tel: (86)0377-63108390
Opening hours: Annual Opening
Admission fee: CNY 60

Zhenwuding Peak Resort

ZhenwudingThe Zhenwuding Peak Resort (zhēn wǔ dǐng真武顶) is a part of the Zhenwuding section of the World Geologic Park of Funiu Mountains, which is composed of the Zhenwuding Scenic Area and the Baichi Pond Scenic Area. 28 kilometers away from the Nanzhao County seat, 250 kilometers from Zhengzhou and 99 kilometers from Nanyang, Zhenwuding Peak Resort is an ideal tour land of both water spectacles like waterfalls, ponds and others like valleys, mountains, forests and flowers, while Zhenwuding Peak Resort is also famous of its distinct characters of Taoism culture. Covering 100 square kilometers in the central part of the Funiu Mountains, Zhenwuding Peak Resort will be developed into a world class scenic area as shown by the national layout. It has an integrated landscape of majestic air and elegance including steep peaks, odd stones, high cliffs, secluded valleys, towering forts, flying waterfalls, deep ponds, booming flowers, virgin forests, unusual birds, rare animals in addition to human landscapes.

Location: Cuizhang Township and Mashiping Township of Nanzhao County, Nanyang.
Transportation: Crossed by the No.207 National Road and Jiaozhi (jiāo zhī 焦枝) Railway, and about 7.5 kilometers apart from Nanyang airport.
Tel: 0377-66908988
Opening hours: Annual Opening
Admission fee: CNY 50
When to Go: Summer is the best time to visit.

Luoyang Funiu Mountain Ski Resort

Luoyang Funiu Mountain Ski ResortLocated on the old world Funiushan Ridge Mountains, on the hilltop altitude 2100m, Luoyang Funiu Mountain Ski Resort is a ski resort base, which is about 1700m above
sea level and is one of the highest elevation in Henan. It covers an area of 6 square kilometers.

Scenic area of mountain vegetation is also attractive, high forest-coverage, and diverse plant community types. The landscape is characterized by excellent seasons, and different seasons have created unique natural conditions. In spring, summer and autumn, the forest area has come up to 89% of the total area, and the dominant tree species are pine class, oak, and etc. The boundless forests have formed a unique “forest oxygen bar”, which effectively reduces the influences of dust, noise and other effects, give visitors a comfortable and tidy environment. In winter, people here can devote all our energies to enjoy the charm of snow, and appreciate the beauty and aura of nature.

Each year, various entertainment facilities will be held at Funiu Mountain Ski Resort. Millions of people, coming from all around China will come specially to attend these grand ceremonies. People dance and sing together, in celebration of the happy reunion and praise the beauty of nature.

Location: Located on the old world Funiushan Ridge Mountains
Transportation: Self-drive
Tel: 0379-66644888
Opening hours: Annual Opening
Admission fee: CNY 30
Indoor Skiing Site: CNY 90-260
Outdoor Skiing Site: CNY 120-320
Snowboard: CNY 120-320
Snowmobile: CNY 20-30
Italian Sled: CNY 30
Ice-skating: CNY 40-50
Mountain cable car: CNY 20
Activities: 2011 Funiushan Ski Festival
From 8th Jan. to Mar, at Luoyang Funiu Mountains Ski Resort

FoodFuniushan Honey

Funiushan Honey
Funiushan Honey is a famous brand in the honey market. The honey produced in Funiu Mountains is savory and mellow. Diluted in water, it becomes mead when fermented, which is delicious and good for health.


Funiushan JadeDushan Jade
Dushan Jade (dú shān yù 独山玉) is found in Henan Province Dushan Mountain, which is also called "Nanyang Jade (nán yáng yù 南阳玉)" or "Henan Jade (hé nán yù 河南玉). Dushan Jade is one of the four most famous Jade in China.

Funiushan Mushroom

When you come to visit Funiu Mountains, it is necessary to have some local Specialty, like mushroom.


1. The fastest track to arrive at Funiu Mountain is 155km long. Staring from the east of Luanchuan, and then driving 7km straight to Shimiao Village through the Fangpi Street, and then you turn left at the front of Shimiao Street, finally you will enter the private channel for the ski resort.
2. From Zhengzhou to Luoyang, the highway is 130km long. The first method is driving off Zhengshaoluo Highway and enter Luoluan fast track at North of Yichun (yí chūn 宜春) Exit. Secondly, you also can drive off the highway and then enter the Jiudu Street at East Station of Luoyang, and drive westward to Jiefang Street, then drive left, go through Mudan Bridge finally enter into the Luoluan fast track and then reach Luanchuan directly. Besides, you still can drive off this highway, and drive southward at West Station of Luoyang, and then go through Mudan Bridge, finally enter the Luoluan fast track.
3. Drive from Sanmenxia (sān mén xiá 三门峡) going through Lingbao, Lushi and Sanchuan to Shimiao Village, Luanchuan County, and then go through Shimiao Street and enter the private channel for the ski resort. The whole course is 160km long.
4. Drive from Xuchang (xǔ chāng 许昌) (Pingdingshan píng dǐng shān 平顶山) going through Lushan (lú shān 庐山), Checun and Heyu to Luanchuan. And the whole course is 230km long.
5. Drive from Shiyan (shí yàn 十堰), Xiangfan (xiāng fán 襄樊) and Nanyang (nán yang 南阳) going through Xixia to Luanchuan. And the whole courses are 460 km, 380km and 200km respectively.

Take the one-day tour special train at the Luanchuan (luán chuān 栾川) railway station

Take the NO.81, No.53 and No.60 buses from Luanchuan railway station to the resort directly
Time required: 40 minutes

Attractions nearby

Scenic Laojieling


Laojieling (lǎo jiè lǐng 老界岭) Scenic Area is lining in the northern part of Funiu Mountains, and adjacent to the east and in rural Baotiaoman Nature Rserve. This Protected area was built in 1982, Nanyang City is the largest provincial-level nature reserve in 1998 designated as National Nature Reserve. In Laojieling, the best seasons for tourists are spring and autumn.

Address: NO. 133 Road Town Taipingzheng Town, Xixia County, Henan, China
Transportation: Have arrived in the city of Nanyang Laojieling scenic tourist line.
Tel: 0377-69919600
Opening hours: Annual Opening
Admission fee: CNY 30