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HORFA China 2011
Consumables & Cosmetics

October 28-30, 2011
October 28-29, Friday-Saturday 9:00-17:00
October 30, Sunday 9:00-16:00
Venue: Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall (No. 800 Lingling Road, Shanghai CHINA)

HORFA, the biggest China International Horse Fair (zhōng guó guó jì mǎ bó huì 中国国际马博会)! An Ideal Platform to Drive the Development of the Horse Industry. Global platform for trade and business in the horse industry; A horse industry PARTY integrating luxurious, and high-end, natural and fashionable elements; A shortcut for countries with developed horse industry to enter both the Chinese market and international; A platform to integrate horse culture and arts of different nations and periods; A hub of information on international horse racing and equestrian events; A gala for horse fans all over the world.

The horse industry of China now is in a period of transition, with the focus gradually shifting towards equestrian, horse racing, and entertainment. Currently, China has more than 400 horse ranches, more than 40,000 horse owners, and over 1 million horse fans ?all these numbers are growing at an annual rate of 20%, indicating a huge potential for the industry in China. However, the core of the entire horse industry? The horses itself, and especially the horses used in sports are mainly imported, and the high qualified equine practioners are mainly trained by international program.

The soon-to-be-opened horse lottery market will further boost growth of Chinese horse industry. These favorable market conditions are already attracting international insiders, and many companies and organizations are set to enter the market.

Scope of Exhibition
Horse, horse trade
Horse industry related project promotion and exhibition
Horse transport vehicles and tools
Horse breeding techniques, fodder, stables, veterinary products and services
Equestrian clubs, training agencies, leisure places
Horse ranches, stud farms, horse racing tracks, and other venue and stadium facilities
Equitation and polo related supplies, clothing, appliances, and protective products
Traditional Chinese horse culture products, other horse related brands
Horse industry related media and publications
Horse industry related agency promotion and exhibition

China Horse Industry Association
YUBO Group
Shanghai East Asia (Group) Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Yubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Horse Industry Association
Inner Mongolia Horse Industry Association
Hong Kong Breeders Club

China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Chinese Taibei Equestrian Association
Polish Horse Breeders Association & Polish Equestrian Federation

For consultation on exhibition participation, please contact:
Ms. Cheri Wang
Shanghai Yubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86 21 5134 2588*121
Fax: +86 21 5134 2515
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Secretariat Tel of China National Horse Industry Association: +86 10 62734658


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