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Mianshan Tours
Travel in Shanxi

Mianshan (mián shān 绵山) names mianshang (mián shàng 绵上) and Jie (jiè 介) Mountain as well, which is cross Jiexiu (jiè xiū 介休), Lingshi (líng shí 灵石) and Qinyuan (qìn yuán 沁源) three cities. Mianshan lies on Fen (fén 汾) river and 20 kilometers away from Jiexiu town center. This historical and cultural mountain is an important place in Shanxi (shān xī 山西) province as class 4A scenic spots, it is also a origin place of Chinese Qingming (qīng míng 清明) Festival.


MianshanIn the past, Mianshan was a perfect terrain for battling; obviously, it was a battleground in here. At the beginning of Tang (táng 唐) dynasty, Songjingang (sòng jīn gāng 宋金刚) was defeated by Lishimin (lǐ shì mín 李世民) in Mianshan, and seized Weichigong (wèi chí gōng 尉迟恭). In the story of Shuihuzhuan (shuǐ hǔ zhuàn 水浒传), Tianhu (tián hǔ 田虎) who lead peasant was fighting with government in Mianshan. It still recorded that Liwugong (lǐ wǔ gōng 李武功) and Lishi (lǐ shí 李实) in Song (sòng 宋) dynasty lead volunteers to fight with invasion of Jin (jīn 金) army. In other words, Mianshan is a special landscape of patriotism.

MianshanMianshan has hundreds of natural caves such as Luoyanhui (luó yán huì 椤严会), Liguyan (lǐ gū yán 李姑岩), Air Bridge, Zhujiaao (zhū jiā āo 朱家凹), Baofuyan (bào fù yán 抱腹岩), Mini Honeycomb Springs, Yingong (yín gōng 银公) Cave; and different bridges and channels such as deer bridge, old scaling ladder and Sheshenya (shè shén yá 慑神崖) make people fear and excitation. Lidaoyuan (lì dào yuán 郦道元) in Beiwei (běi wèi 北魏) dynasty who was the author of Shuijingzhu (shuǐ jīng zhù 水经注) descried that “the water in Mianshan cave is thousands time back and turns.” So it develops various falls such as Five Dragon Falls , Waterfalls Cave and Honeycomb falls according to geography. In addition, different kinds of cypress such as old cypress in Qin (qín 秦) dynasty, dragon cypress, tiger cypress, rabbit and deer cypress are growing in mountain; It is totally a Kingdom of Cypress.


Daluogong (dà luó gōng 大罗宫)

DaluogongThere have a lot of stories about Daluogong. It said that Jiezhitui (jiè zhī tuī 介之推) saw the "Luo (luó 罗) Wonderland” in Chunqiujinguo (chūn qiū jìn guó 春秋晋国) dynasty. Taoism (dào jiāo 道教) believes that Tanjie (tiān jiè 天界) where immortal people lives have 36 levels in total and the highest level is Daluotian (dà luó tiān 大罗天). The meaning of Dalonggong is a palace which builds in Daluotian. Daluogong was placed on the top of Lion Cliffs, with total 13 layers and 110 meters high. The buildings which we can see now are fixed in recently years. Someone said that the Daluogong can compare with Budala Palace (bù dá lā gōng 布达拉宫) in Xizang (xī zàng 西藏) as “the first temple in the word”.

Baofuyan (bào fù yán 抱腹岩)

BaofuyanBaofuyan faces to west, with 60 meters high, 50 meters deep and 180 meters long. It divides two layers which include more than 200 rooms and temples. It is definitely unique in the world. Yunfeng (yún fēng 云峰) Temple is inside of Baofuyan, and created in Sanguocaowei (sān guó cáo wèi 三国曹魏) dynasty. The style of architecture can compare with Xuankong (xuán kōng 悬空) Temple. The name of Yunfeng Temple has changed so many times. Sometime, it names Baofu (bào fù 抱腹) Temple, because it builds inside of Baofuyan; Sometime, it names Yunfeng Temple, because it locates on the cliff of Mianshan; Sometime, it names Dayan (dà yán 大岩) Temple, because Baofuyan has large holding capacity.

Shuitaogou (shuǐ tāo gōu 水涛沟)

ShuitaogouThe Shuitaogou is length of 20 kilometers. Cliffs, paths, odd trees, rocks, flowers and weeds are around with it. The most amazing view is Five dragon Falls, because visitors can across this falls; and waterfalls cave can hold nearly 30 or 40 people inside it.


Tianqiaozhandao (tiān qiáo zhàn dào 天桥栈道)

TianqiaozhandaoA 300 lengths of plank road was built on the peak of mountain, with faked Hanbaiyu (hàn bái yù 汉白玉) fence. It looks like a white crane is open its wings up in the distance. When you are walking on this bridge, at same time, springs are flowing at your foot side. It feels that people stays in an immortal world.

Location: Mianshan (mián shān 绵山), Jiexiu (jiè xiū 介休) city, Shanxi (shān xī 山西) province
Transportation: Take coach at Taiyuan (tài yuán 太原) Jiannan (jiàn nán 建南) bus station (7:00-19:00), after 2.5 hours get to Jiexiu (jiè xiū 介休) train station, then change special bus of Mianshan to your destination where is on the top of mountain.
Tickets: RMB 50-60
Opening hours: Anytime
1. Best time to go: Anytime
2. Near by attractions: Pingyaogucheng (píng yáo gǔ chéng 平遥古城), Wang courtyard (wáng jiā dà yuàn 王家大院), Qiao courtyard (qiáo jiā dà yuàn 乔家大院), Hongdong Dahuaishu (hóng dòng dà huái shù 洪洞大槐树)