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Home Lights & Lighting Intl Sourcing Fair on Urban Lighting, Lamps, Lanterns and Asseccories & LED Illumination Exhibition
Intl Sourcing Fair on Urban Lighting, Lamps, Lanterns and Asseccories & LED Illumination Exhibition
Lights & Lighting

Date: May 10-12, 2011
Venue: Ningbo International Exhibition Center

"LED Illumination Exhibition of China (Ningbo) International Lamp Lighting Decorations Procurement Fair 2011” (zhōng guó níng bō guó jì LEDzhào míng zhǎn lǎn huì jí chéng shì liàng huà jí dēng jù dēng shì cǎi gòu jiāo yì huì 中国宁波国际LED照明展览会及城市亮化及灯具灯饰采购交易会) is hosted by Zhejiang Illumination Association, organized by Shanghai Yisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and will be held during May 10-12, 2011 at Ningbo International Exhibition Center. The fair devotes itself to promoting the development of China lighting industry, strengthening the communication and cooperation between China and other countries, hoisting company brand and cognition and therefore pushing the entire development of China lighting industry. The floor space to be exhibited for this fair is 20000 square meters, with 1000 special exhibiting spaces.

The fair will invite municipal administration, road lighting management/office, academy of municipal design and unit, city road lighting project company, lighting landscape company, real estate developer, garden and scenic spots construction unit from all cities. General Manager, Chief Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Designer from city road lighting products and equipment manufacturers, and person in charge of large road project and relevant industry and field architectural finishes, government purchase department and EU, USA, Japan and other overseas group buyers are major participants.

Exhibition scope
City brightness and energy saving
City brightness and landscape lighting, technology equipment of brightness project, city brightness intelligent control and distribution system, energy-saving products of city illumination, urban background laser technology product, special substation and lighting electrical appliance control components etc.
Outdoor illumination series
Plaza illumination, public illumination, holiday decoration illumination, advertisement decoration illumination, building floodlighting, commercial lighting, stadium lighting, garden and work mineral illumination twinkle light, wall washer light, beam lamp, anti-explosion lamp and moisture-proof lamp etc.;
LED series
LED digital board, outdoor LED full color display board, strip screen unit plate display, digital display board, double fundamental color display board, display module, LED illumination lamp, LED traffic signal light, lighting, module, LED outdoor display board, auto display, LED car lamp, LED electronic display, outdoor advertisement, touch screen, control system;
Exhibition area of all kinds of lighting source products
New common lighting bulb, halogen and tungsten bulb, fluorescent lamp, high intensity discharge lamp, all kinds of radiation lighting source; high frequency electrode less discharge lamp; neon arc lamp; light emitting diode(LED) all kinds of traffic and signal light etc.;
Lamp and lighting series
Road illumination lamp, yard and landscape lamp, solar lamp, indoor decoration light, flashlight, civil lamp, building lamp, work mineral lamp, floodlighting lights, environmental lamp, public lamp, built-in lamp, boat fluorescent lamp, special vehicle identification lamp, anti-explosion lamp, under-water illumination lamp, emergency lamp;
Professional lighting and auxiliary equipment
Neon lamp, stage, movie, television lighting, light control equipment and all sorts of light control components;
Illumination electric appliances product auxiliary components and parts
all sorts of switches, wire, cable, relay, ballast, trigger, transformer, control cabinet, insulating material, electronic component, lamp post, lamp arm, lampshade, lampstand, lighting source, lamp holder and lamp fixture etc.;
Special materials for illumination electric appliance
Phosphor, electronic powder, quartz tube, glass tube (shell), electricity material and tungsten wire etc.;

Zhejiang Association of Illumination industry
China Association of Lighting Industry

Executive organizer
Shanghai Yisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Dongbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Media promotion
BAIDU, GOOGLE, ALIBABA, HC360 and hundreds of domestic and international media such as professional websites and magazines etc.

Contact Information of Organizing Committee:
Shanghai Yisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Rm.503, No.5, Jiangshan Street, Lane #958, Xinsong Road, Shanghai
Post code: 200000
Tel: +86-21-61246316/61246319
Fax: +86-21-61246320
E-mall: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact person: Mr Wang
Tel: +86-21-13381526222

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