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Visiting time:
Sep. 19, 2011 Monday 10:00-16:00
Sep. 20, 2011 Tuesday 9:00-16:00
Sep. 21, 2011 Wednesday 9:00-14:30
Show Venue:
China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing, China

China Paper/China Forest (CP/CF) event (zhōng guó guó jì zhǐ jiāng zào zhǐ/lín yè zhǎn lǎn huì 中国国际纸浆造纸、林业展览会) was initiated by E. J. Krause & Associates Inc (EJK) and made its debut in Shanghai in 1987. In co-operation with the US Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industries (TAPPI), the show invited a considerable number of international equipment suppliers with high technology vendors to attend both the exhibition & conference to introduce the latest methodology and advanced management solution to Chinese paper mills. This inaugural event served as a unique drive for the innovation of the paper industry development in China and attracted thousands of Chinese managers, technicians from Chinese paper industry to attend and visit the show.Though on this occasion there were no Chinese paper mills exhibiting, it helps the China paper enterprises to set a new direction & guidelines for its further development.

Exhibit Profile:
• Pulp and Paper Products
• Paperboard
• Converted Product
• Paper Making
• Paper Converting

Visitor Profile:
• General managers and owners of paper mills;
• General managers and owners of paper-related companies;
• Wholesalers, distributors and agents for paper machinery and paper chemical and supply;
• Managers, chief engineers and technical personnel of paper and pulp mills;
• Paper machinery merchants, exporters and importers;
• Paper chemical consumers, merchants, importers;
• Large-scale printers;
• Paper and pulp research professionals;
• Association officials;
• Paper-majored college students and faculties;
• Paper industry consultants;
• Environmental protection engineers and professionals;
• Paper mill construction contractors;
• Pulp and paper storage and logistic managers and professionals

Supported by:
China National Council of Light Industry
China Technical Association of Paper Industry
Printing and Printing Equipment Industry Association of China
China National Council of Packaging Industry
China National Light Industrial Products Import/Export Corporation
Paper Industry Productivity Promotion Center Specialty Paper Committee
Shanghai Packaging Technology Association
Shanghai Technical Association of Paper Industry
Zhejiang Technical Association of Paper Industry
Jiangsu Technical Association of Paper Industry
Fujian Technical Association of Paper Industry
Shandong Technical Association of Paper Industry
Henan Technical Association of Paper Industry
Shanghai Paper Trade Association
Sinolight Corporation Household Paper Technology Center

Adforum AB, E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc., CNPPRI (China Pavilion)

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