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Travel in Crater National Forest Park

 Crater National Forest Park

The Crater National Forest Park is 50 kilometers to the northwest Jingpo Lake (jìng bó hú 镜泊湖), which is located in the deep mountainous areas of Mountain Zhangguangcai (zhāng guǎng cái lǐng 张广才岭) with the elevation 1,000 meters. It is a piece covered with the precious tree seed's virgin forest including the red pine, the purple tree, the yellow pine, the scale pine trees, the Chrysanthemum pine and so on. The area amounts to more than 66,900 hectares, which is a natural green treasure house. It is renowned at home and abroad for the "crater underground forest". The country lists it as the national level nature protection area.
Crater National Forest Park is located in Ning’an City (níng ān shì 宁安市), Heilongjiang Province. It is a natural scenery spot with the beautiful water and wonderful mountains. It is a ecological park together with eco-environment, health function, underground forestthe natural landscape and cultural landscape. Dating back 10,000 years ago, volcanic eruptions formed the seven craters which are ranging in different diameter size and became the formation of underground karsts cave groups. It is known as "underground forest" which is became broadleaved-Korean pine forest. The small North Lake is the same as the Jingpohu Lake which is the typical mountain dammed lakes. Crater National Forest Park was established in 1991 by the State Forestry Department and received the title of the first batch of "Civilized Forest Park" in 2001.
Crater National Forest ParkCrater National Forest Park is included four scenic spots: the Underground Forest, the Small North Lake, the Lava Cave Groups, and Mandarin-ducks Pool. The Underground Forest is formed by the ancient volcano collapse; the biggest volcanic crater’s diameter is reached 500 meters. With millions of years after ancient volcano eruption, the large original forest is becoming. And there are quite a lot of ancient rare species, such as red pine, purple linden, yellow pineapple, fish-scale spruce and so on. Many trees’ height could reach more than 35 meters. It is understood Crater National Forest Parkthat these trees have been grown more than 400 years. The oldest one is a yellow larch which has 600 old-years. Local people would like to tie a red cloth to it with to pray for the luck.
The other perfect scenery is the Small North Lake. The lake is a mountain dammed lake. The lotus is grown in the lake which has already one hundred million three thousand and five hundred years history. It has determined by experts in Heilongjiang and is called as "biological living fossil". And some water birds in this lake are the rare species, especially the Chinese Qiusha duck (zhōng guó qiū shā yā 中国秋纱鸭) which is endangered around the world and protected in the World Red Book of Protecting rare birds. China only has 200 and the Small North Lake has accounted for 40.
small north lakeCrater National Forest Park not only has much natural landscape scenery, but has a complete range of plants and animals as well. There are 15 kinds of bird which are listed as rare and protected birds by China, accounting for 70% of the total number of the province. The park provides the ideal place for having a break, entertainment, scientific exploration and it offers a wonderful chance to return the nature and be clothed to your heart. The travelers could come here to go inside the forest, hug the martial nature and enjoy your life.
Location: Shalan County (shā lán xiāng 纱兰乡)Ning'an City (níng ān shì 宁安市)
Transportation: take bus to Crater National Forest Park at Ning’an Bus Station (níng ān qì chē zhàn 宁安汽车站)
Opening Time: 8:00 – 17:00
Best Time to Go: September and October
Tel: 0453-8179985
Admission Fee: CNY 60
Crater National Forest Park


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