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Travel in Sandaoguan National Forest Park

 Sandaoguan National Forest Park

Sandaoguan National Forest Park (sān dào guān guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 三道关国家森林公园) is located in the suburb of northeast of Mudanjiang (mǔ dān jiāng 牡丹江) City, which is 20 kilometers apart from the town center. The four season’s landscape is beautiful here; in spring flowers colorfully grow, in midsummer the shade looks like a lid, in the golden fall red leaves decorate the whole mountain, in winter it is a beautiful snow world. It is famous for beautiful mountain, clear water, and slim stone and silent forest. The main landscapes include: Mountain Daiwang (dài wáng shān 岱王山), the fairy cave (xiān rén dòng 仙人洞), Narrow sky (yī xiàn tiān 一线天), the couple stone (fū qī shí 夫妻石) and so on.
SandaoguanSandaoguan National Forest Park with a total area of 8000 hectares is located in the northwestern Mudanjiang city, 23 km from the city center. The Park is famous for its magnificent mountains, pretty springs and rivers, beautiful stones and peaceful woods. It is a leisure park; the surrounding here is so green that made this peace and pleasant. It is a distinctive tourist areas which is formed with the forest landscape which is Dai Wang Lizi (dài wáng lá zǐ 岱王砬子) as the center and together with historic border town. There are many mountains which the sea level is between 300 and 742. And the animal and plant resources are very abundant, such as pine, linden, birch, wild ginseng and so on.
Black Bear BabyIn the mountains, there are vast thrive with rare birds and beasts and the kinds of them is reached more than 50, such as mink, otter, roe deer, bear and so on. And China's largest black bear base – Heibao Bear Paradise is located here. The Heibao Bear Paradise (hēi bǎo xióng lè yuán 黑宝熊乐园) is biggest black bears'feed, breed and exhibit center of China and the north medicine develop and scientific research base in Heilongjiang of life-engineering department in Chinese Academy of Sciences. Heibao Bear Paradise is a site of human beings protects wild animals, as well as a good place for people’s tour and leisure.
Bear's wit, imitate ability and appetency with human is strong. In the Heibao Bear Paradise, trained bears can give the performances of driving, play basket, ropedancer, break corn, hurdle, boxing, upper air Black Bear Familyperform etc. programs. They perform with acrobats more than ten, such as turn carpet and hold flower in mouth, rolling lamp, four people's skill, skipping and roller skating. This programs touch the audiences with it's novel, vivid, cliffhanging and interest, making them forget to go home and praise continuous, and forming a perform feature of "dancing with bear, performing in stage".
SandaoguanSandaoguan National Forest Park has five major tourist areas: Dai Wang Lizi scenic spots (dài wáng lá zǐ lǚ yóu jǐng qū 岱王砬子旅游景区), Comb Lizi scenic spot (jī guàn lá zǐ lǚ yóu jǐng qū 鸡冠砬子旅游景区), Little Huangshan scenic spot (xiǎo huáng shān lǚ yóu jǐng qū 小黄山旅游景区), south frog pond scenic spot (nán há má táng lǚ yóu jǐng qū 南蛤蟆塘旅游景区), and a couple stone scenic spot (fū qī shí lǚ yóu jǐng qū 夫妻石旅游景区). It is not only the base which is offered to human’s study, recreation and wildlife protection, but also benefit for the health of human medicine treasure. After enjoying the city scenery, then explore the beautiful original forests, immersed in the green woodlands, respire the natural gas from distribution trees, listen to the sound of water and birds, you will feel one sense of paradise.
Location: the suburb of northeast of Mudanjiang City
Transportation: take minibus at Mudanjiang Bus Station or take bus No.12, 18, 29
Opening Time: 8:00 – 17:30
Tel: 0453-6530506
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Tips: 1. the Heibao Bear Paradise is acquired another fee which is CNY 50.
2. Sandaoguan National Forest Park is becoming coldest in the deep autumn and winter so that the travelers should pay more attention on keeping out the cold in the park.
Sandaoguan National Forest Park
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