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Travel in Snow Castle

The Snow Castle

The Snow Castle in Mudanjiang City boasts its present status of No.1 in the world in terms of area coverage, snow used and active involvement, which can rival those in Kemi (kǎi mǐ shì 凯米市), Finland, and in Sapporo, Japan. Each year, the Snow Village will be planned and constructed featuring different motif, which has become a focus of attraction in the winter tours of Heilongjiang Province and as such tourists from various places come with admiration for its reputation to experience and enjoy the charm of these art treasures. It is the Snow Castle in Mudanjiang.
The Gate of Snow CastleChina's Snow Castle - Mudanjiang host product snow fort, is located on the middle of a river island - Jiangxin Island (jiāng xīn dǎo 江心岛) of Jiangbin Park (jiāng bīn gōng yuán 江滨公园) of Mudanjiang. The middle island of a river occupies area approximately 14 hectares. Its snowfall fort area approximately amounts to 4.6 hectares. We may say that the snow fort area of Mudanjiang is the biggest all over the world. Its total floor space covers 2,200 square meters, including the host fort 970 square meters, the service area snow and ice construct 480 square meters, the entrance snow construct 570 square meters, the snow and ice hotel 180 square meters. It is bearing much resemblance to the Harbin Ice and Snow World in structure. The biggest differences between these two works of art lie in the fact that the latter displays the beauty of the ice, and the crystalline world of the ice with ice being the raw materials while the former embodies the elegance of the snow and the pure white paradise of the snow with snow being the theme.
The ice sculpture Unifies the modeling and the creativity of Finnish snow fort, we are going to construct the snow fort with different characteristic. "The illusion world" is the creativity subject of snow fort with its creativity content: One is revealing the characteristic of snow and ice. Snow: Pure white with no flaw, holy and lofty; Ice: as pure as driven snow, crystal clear bright. Spring melts, the winter, congeals cleanly, divine and wonderful spirit of the collection world, builds the same dream mysterious ideal condition. Two: the snow fort construction style for the western-style ancient castle, speaking of the contemporary people. It is one kind of dream that is missing same world, containing the infinite mystical color. Three, plans by the snow primarily. We take the snow fort as the core, through with are static to spatial moving, receive with the organization which puts the union watches with the participation goal equipment, and matches by the light acoustics. It is forming the intense seeing and hearing. We are trying to make it widely known - "the snow Castle".
 the snow sculpture
The China Snow Castle - Mudanjiang and the ice city Harbin supplement mutually. By most sincere we welcome your presence.
Location: Jiangxin Island (jiāng xīn dǎo 江心岛), Jiangbin Park (jiāng bīn gōng yuán 江滨公园), Mudangjiang (mǔ dān jiāng 牡丹江)
Transportation: take bus No. 201, 202, 20, 29, 5
Opening Time: Winter (December - April), Full day
Tel: 0453-8818806, 0453-6837012
Admission Fee: CNY 50
the night view of snow castle