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Home Travel in Heilongjiang Tangwanghe National Park - China's First National Park
Tangwanghe National Park - China's First National Park

Tangwanghe National Park

Located in the territory of Tangwanghe District (tāng wàng hé qū 汤旺河区), Yichun (yī chūn 伊春) City, Heilongjiang Province, Tangwanghe National Park (tāng wàng hé guó jiā gōng yuán 汤旺河国家公园) is the first national park approved in China. It has unique tourism resources with the advantage of particularly favorable forest and ice & snow.
Tangwanghe National ParkThere are approximately one thousand species of animals and plants where many reserves have been established. In the territory of the park, there are more than 20 rivers, among which Tangwanghe River, the mother river of Yichun – China's Forest Capital, is the largest with a total length of 509 kilometers. Tangwanghe National Park has incomparably elegant sceneries and naturally marvelous spectacles ranging from granite stone forest of Indo-Chinese epoch to the tertiary rare relic forest ecosystem - virginal Korean pine forest, from remains of windstorm disaster, burnt slashes to viewing garden of Tangwang Riverbog bilberry, strawberry picking garden, botanical garden of the Lesser Xing'an (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭) Mountains and wetland park. Tangwanghe's mixed coniferous and broad-leaf forest, with Korean pine representing the majority, is the most intact and typical virgin Korean pine forest in Asia. There are also more than 100 rare species of trees in this area such as dragon spruce, fir, white birch and bass.
Korean PineTangwanghe National Park is featured by rare geomorphologic landscape of granite stone forest and perfect virginal ecology with luxuriant vegetation and green mountains. Rambling on quiet and secluded paths in old pines and white birches, you can hear merry songs of birds, enjoy light dance of pines and cypresses, smell scent of azaleas and view grotesque rocks of Xing'an. You can release exhaustion and annoyance in such a natural oxygen bar, enter a circumstance of returning to the nature and the harmony between the nature and man, experience boundless forest snowcap of "a hundred leagues locked in ice, a thousand leagues of whirling snow", and feel the artistic conception of "there is no rain when walking in the The azaleamountains, but the clothes are wetted by green dew". The mountain ridges are covered by clouds while the streams are below the mountains where the negative oxygen ions reach as high as 50 thousands per cubic centimeters and the average temperature in summer is between 18 and 23 degrees. It is a cool world as well as a land of idyllic beauty. It is golden tourism area of Heilongjiang and the core of the tourism spot of Lesser Xing'an Mountains with northern characteristic landscape. The park attracts a large number of tourists for its unique geology and geomorphology, beautiful ecological environment, fresh air, design of great originality and pleasant air temperature.
Address: Number 102, Dongfeng (dōng fēng 东风) Street, Tangwanghe District (tāng wàng hé qū 汤旺河区)
Transportation: take bus to Tangwanghe District at Yichun Bus Station (yī chūn qì chē zhàn 伊春汽车站)
Tel: 0458-3536021, 0458-3537168, 0458-3574024
Admission Fee: CNY 50 (May 1-Oct.31), CNY 80 (Nov.1-Apr.31)
Tangwanghe National Park


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