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Home Travel in Heilongjiang Wuying National Forest Park - the Heaven of Korean Pines
Wuying National Forest Park - the Heaven of Korean Pines

Wuying National Forest Park

Located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and south slope of Xiao xing'anling (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭), Wuying National Forest Park (wǔ yíng guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 五营国家森林公园) is established as early as 1990. It covers an area of 14141 hectares. It was approved as a national forest park by former Ministry of Forestry in 1993. It was promoted to be national 4A tourist attraction in 2002. It was designated as "National Civilized Forest Park" by State Forestry Administration in 2001. It was awarded as Youth Civilization in national tourism industry by Center Committee of China Youth Communist League and National Tourism Administration in 2003. Wuying National Forest Park has the towering old trees, vast forest, and the largest scale and integrated preserving Korean pine virgin forest strap.
Wuying National Forest ParkIn the park, there are Dazixiang (dá zǐ xiāng 达子香) Scenic Area, Miniature Landscape, Shihu Hill (shí hǔ shān 石虎山), Camping Area in the open air etc. eight scenic areas, and twenty scenic spots, such as Songxiang Bridge (sōng xiāng qiáo 松乡桥), Guantao Tower (guān tāo tǎ 观涛塔), Roaring Tiger Mountain, Tianci Lake (tiān cì hú 天赐湖), Immortal Resident in Green Field. They are connected by a figure eight road at the side of park's gate, which is 17 kilometers long. And more there is an animal and plant sample room which is 600 square meters in area, an open-air dancing ground of 1500 square meters, a roller rink, and tower for tourists view the sound of the wind in pines, which is 47 meters in high.
 Korean pines
The old and dense Korean pines in the garden have been 500 years old. The biggest one is more than one meter diameter, which needs to two person hold in arm. In the forest the king tree is 30 meters in height. The diameter is 1.3 meters. Tianci Lake is a famous scenic spot in the garden. Walking in the lakeside with bloomy wild flowers and lucid and clean water, you will feel relaxed and happy with mind
Location: Wuying District (wǔ yíng qū 五营区)
Transportation: take bus to Wuying District at Yichun Bus Station (yī chūn qì chē zhàn 伊春汽车站), and then take thirty-minute minibus to mountain.
Opening Time: 8:00-17:30
Tel: 0458-8929666
Admission Fee: CNY 40 (May 1 - Oct.31), CNY 60 (Nov.1 - Apr.31)
Wuying National Forest Park
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