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Home Travel in Heilongjiang Mohe - the Golden Crest on the Bright Pearl
Mohe - the Golden Crest on the Bright Pearl


Mohe County (mò hé 漠河), also known ink River, is said to be due to the water black as ink is named. Mohe County is located in the most northern tip of China, belonging to Heilongjiang Daxinganling (dà xìng ān lǐng 大兴安岭) region, southwest of Inner Mongolia Ergun then the left and right two flags, north to the centerline of the main channel of Heilongjiang, and Russia, Amur, Chita region, across the Yangtze River. Due to the unique geographical location, rich resources, celestial phenomena peculiar, there is the "golden crest on the bright pearl" in the world.
History and Resources
The eastest one The Heilongjiang River separates Mohe from Russia and a large stone tablet emblazoned with four Chinese characters indicates the end of Chinese territory. A collage of mountains and rivers create a beautiful backdrop for the modest town; however, a far more spectacular display steals the show after dark. In the meantime, because of its long history, there many relics happened in the time of Qing Dynasty (qīng 清) (AD 1368- AD 1911) and the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (AD 1937-AD 1945). Among the relics, the old "Gold Road" and Rouge River are very famous. And the natural wild resources are very bountiful in Mohe. There are 400 kinds or so rare animals like deer, wild boars, brown bears, snow hares, pheasants, sables, roes, reindeer, red deer and others. The cold water fish in Heilongjiang River is well-known in the world. Mohe is also good places for hunting and fishing. The plants in Mohe are famous too, which are characterized by their natural nature, pureness, nobility and non pollution and many of the plants are materials for brewing wines and other The spring in Mohedrinks. Furthermore, edible mushroom, edible fungus, hedgehog and edible tender leaves of brakes are all over the area and there are more than three hundred kinds of valuable traditional Chinese medicines.
Due to high latitude and clear skies, Mohe is a popular observation point for the Northern Lights. The fantastic luminous rings dance across the sky changing color and size as they disappear to the east. An airport was recently built to provide tourists with a welcome alternative to the 20-hour train journey from Harbin.
Spring in MoheMohe is the coldest place in China, not only creates the record of coldest extreme low temperature, -52.3, but also the extreme low temperature of every year is below -38. The annual extreme high temperature is 38. Its annual range of extreme temperature is large, with the lowest of 73.1 and the highest of 87. The annual extreme low temperature occurs in November, December, January and February. The annual extreme high temperature occurs in May, June, July and August, and most in July. The daily lowest temperature occurs at 4:00-7:00 and the daily highest temperature occurs at 14:00-16:00. So the travelers should focus on the cold weather when going on a trip.
The Arctic Village (běi jí cūn 北极村)
The Arctic VillageMohe has a nickname of "Chinese Arctic Town". The Arctic Village is standing for it. Not only Northern Lights and the National White Night Watch the best scenic spots of the total area of 16 square kilometers, including 13,159 acres of arable land (8.7 square kilometers), has been fully mechanized operations. But also there are 243 households, 963 people, mostly residents of the Housing cottage brick structure, in addition to the remaining number of "trend woodcut" - style chalets. Village in the Arctic North frontier guards, China Arctic, ancient wells, Japanese Puppet Regime plant sites, such as the North first. The annual summer festival held in the The Arctic VillageRiverside section of the summer solstice bonfire party, dancing and singing all night long. Whenever before and after the summer solstice, when there are nearly 20 hours to see the sun, it is often said that the very day phenomenon, will be lucky to see when the colorful, gorgeous the Northern Lights. 24 hours a day, almost all day, looking north at midnight, the sky is white, like the evening, like the dawn, people can be outdoors under the chess, playing.
Location: Xilinji Town (xī lín jí cūn 西林吉村), Mohe County
Transportation: take bus to Xilingji Town at Mohe Bus Station (mò hé qì chē zhàn 漠河汽车站)
Admission Fee: CNY 60
First Frontier Post in the Arctic Village (běi chuí shào suǒ 北陲哨所)
First Frontier Post First frontier post in northern China is the People's Liberation Army stationed in the Arctic Village of Sino-Russian border on a certain company's border observation post, which is China's most northern part of a lookout post. The top area of 10 square meters, can be used high-power telescope viewing scenery Russia. here are two observation towers on both sides of two-story, namely, meeting points and soldiers barracks, surrounded by brick walls circle. Located on the right bank of Heilongjiang, the south side is the wild poppy Park. The cause of border tower played a very important role.
Tips: The travelers couldn't visit the post inside if they don't have a permit. But they can be affected by the solemn and respectful feeling outside.
 the Northern Lights
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