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Home Travel in Heilongjiang Jixi - the Coal Mine City
Jixi - the Coal Mine City


Jixi  (jī xī 鸡西) is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province, sharing a boundary line of 631 kilometers (392 miles) with Russia in the east and southeast. It is a wonderful place full of special tourist resources which is 22,531 square kilometers (8,699 square miles). The tourist attractions spread all over which join grandeur, beauty and wonder together in a great harmony. There is Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖), the emerald of north China, boasting of its mist-covered, vigorous and boundless water. There is Ussuri River (wū sū lǐ jiāng 乌苏里江), where the water is deep and rapid with delicate landscape around. There is Hutou Fortress (hǔ tóu yào sāi 虎头要塞), the only site of the Second World War in the world, which is called Maginot Line in the East. With the time lost, Jixi would show different but wonderful beauty to the world.
The monument of World War TwoThousands years ago, this area was inhabited by ancestors of the Manchu. They fishing and hunting for life. By the Shang Dynasty (shāng 商) (16th - 11th century BC), dwellers here had began to communicated with people in Central Plain. It was in the Han Dynasty (hàn 汉) (206BC-220AD) that primitive agriculture in this region had made a great progress. Jixi was founded in 1957 and has jurisdiction over two cities, one county, and six districts.
MountainsJixi is located in the cold-temperate continental zone of climate. As the city is not far from the Sea of Japan, the climate here is affected and coordinated by the marine climate. Winter here is mild while summer is cool without any severely cold or extremely hot days. The best time to Jixi is summer and autumn as the scenery at that time is quite beautiful. And September to October is the fishing season of dog salmons in Ussuri River.
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Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖)
Khanka LakeKhanka Lake was once an inner lake in China. It is situated 120 km from Jixi. It is a remarkable site for nature protection, eco-tourism as well as scientific research (concerning bird migrations). Khanka Lake is composed of one large lake and one small one which are divided by a sandy hill. The trees on the hill are luxuriantly green and elegantly beautiful. The small lake is quiet and peaceful with fish swimming around and birds flying. Occasionally, there’re some sailboats traveling on the lake. The larger lake is with vastly mist-covered water and the boundless water seems blending with the sky. In the scenic area, the travelers can enjoy the cool in the umbrage on the sandy hill; feel the wind breezing near your face; taste the delicious roasted fish while appreciate the wonderful scene which will make your mind suddenly enlightened.
Location: Mishan City (mì shān shì 密山市)
Transportation: take bus to Mishan City at Jixi bus station (jī xī qì chē zhàn 鸡西汽车站)
Opening Time: 8:30-17:00
Admission: CNY 25
Kirin Mountain Scenic Area (qí lín shān fēng jǐng qū 麒麟山风景区)
Kirin Mountain Kirin Mountain Scenic and Historic Interest Area is one of the top 10 scenic regions in Jixi City. Cragged mountains and clear water make bewitched natural scenery here. Combined with the distinctive culture deliberately, the sight of the Qilin Mountain is unique in Jixi.
This mountain faces north and its tail was in south. The north peak seems like the head and corn of a unicorn while the south peak looks like its tail. When you stare carefully at the range, you will find it similar to a gigantic unicorn lying over there. That’s why people named it Qilin Mountain. People here regard this mountain as the representative of the God and consider it as the symbol of auspicious. The Qilin Mountain itself is the most essential part of this scenic region as a whole.
Location: the west of Xingnong Town (xìng nóng zhèn 兴农镇), Jidong County (jī dōng xiàn 鸡东县)
Transportation: take bus to Jidong County at Jixi bus station
Opening Time: 7:00-18:00
Admission: CNY 25
Hutou Fortress (hǔ tóu yào sāi 虎头要塞)
Hutou FortressIt is located in Hulin City (hǔ lín shì 虎林市) which is known as "The end of World War II Memorial Park". Hutou Fortress is the military base of Japan's Kwantung Army in northeast China on the Sino-Soviet border. It was given the name "Oriental Maginot Line". On August 9th, 1945, the Soviet Red Army finally captured the Fort. As the Hutou battle ended, Japan's unconditional surrender came 11 days later. It was signed about "the end of War".
Location: Hutou Town (hǔ tóu zhèn 虎头镇), Hulin City (hǔ lín shì 虎林市)
Transportation: take bus to Hulin City at Jixi bus station
Opening Time: 8:00-17:00
Admission: CNY 25
Zhenbao Island (zhēn bǎo dǎo 珍宝岛)
Zhenbao IslandThere is world-famous Zhenbao Island, where Sino-Soviet border conflict happened. Before 1915, due to long-term erosion by the river, the island is located in the main channel center left, of China's territory since ancient times. Its area is only 0.74 square kilometers, because of self-defense war, and that caught worldwide attention. During the fierce battle between China and Soviet in the last century, the brave soldiers in this island sacrificed themselves for protecting our country. Now this island becomes the Patriotism Education Bases and its natural scenery is attractive to many travelers.
Location: the south of Raohe County (ráo hé xiàn 饶河县), Hulin City (hǔ lín shì 虎林市)
Transportation: take bus to Hulin City at Jixi bus station, and then take minibus to Raohe County and go to the island by ship.
Admission: Free.
Guandi Temple (guān dì miào 关帝庙)
Guandi TempleIt is located in Hutou County, which is built in Qing Dynasty to honor the famous general of the Country of Shu (shǔ 蜀) during the Three Kingdom period (sān wáng 三王) (220-280)-Guanyu (guān yǔ 关羽). At the course of Guanyu’s life, he exemplified braveness, loyalty, justice, benevolence and courage. He was thus highly respected by the people and honored again and again by many emperors throughout the periods. He was the only general after his death to become the king, then become the emperor, and then even become the god. Guandi Temple has gone through hundreds of years and because it is located in the easiest of China so that it is regarded as "the No.1 temple in the East".
Location: Hutou County (hǔ tóu zhèn 虎头镇), Hulin City (hǔ lín shì 虎林市)
Transportation: take bus to Hulin City at Jixi bus station
Admission: CNY 5
Local Food
Cold NoodlesCold Noodles (lěng miàn 冷面)
Jixi cold noodles are most famous and popular food in Jixi city, Heilongjiang, China. It has a history of several decades and local residents will miss the cold noodles if they leave the city for several months. It is spicy, sour and salty.
Frying White FishFrying White Fish (xiāng jiān bái yú 香煎白鱼)
The white fish in Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖) is very famous in Jixi because of the fresh and delicious taste. It is a kind of green foods.
Stewing ShrimpStewing Shrimp (mèn xiā 焖虾)
The color of the shrimp in Khanka Lake (xìng kǎi hú 兴凯湖) is whiter and the taste is more delicious. To stew some minutes, the tasty flavor doesn’t let you down.
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