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Yichun Travel Guide


Yichun (yī chūn 伊春) is located in the northeastern area of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province, it is bordered by Hegang (hè gǎng 鹤岗) in the east, Harbin (hā ěr bīn 哈尔滨) in the south and Suileng (suí léng 绥棱) in the west. In the north, it is separated from Russia by the Heilong River (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) and sharing a boundary of 246 kilometers (153 miles) with the country. Yichun is a green treasury with diversity of natural resources. In the administrative area of Yichun, the channels and valleys are densely covered with trees and grasslands. In total, there are 702 rivers in different sizes. The greening rate of Yichun is up to 83%. The city is totally covered by trees. In recent years, the city of Yichun has made good use of its forest and ecological resources to develop forest tours. In 2001 Yichun was selected by the National Tourism Administration (guó jiā lǚ yóu jú 国家旅游局) as one of "China's Excellent Tourist Cities".

squirrelEnjoying a cold temperate monsoon climate, Yichun is one of the cities with the lowest average temperature in China. The temperature varies greatly in different seasons and during a day. Yichun has four clear seasons. January is the coldest period of a year with an average temperature of minus 23 to 25 degrees (-9.4 to -13 degrees Fahrenheit), while July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 25 to 27 degrees (77-80.6 degrees Fahrenheit).Yichun has a sub-frigid continental monsoon climate.
The old houses in YichunYichun is Manchu (mǎn zú 满族) for place teeming with animal pelt. Before the Tang Dynasty (táng 唐) (618-907), it was inhabited by ethnic minorities in the northern border area of China. Since then, Yichun was brought into the sphere of authority in the following dynasties. Half a century ago it was a stretch of primeval forest. Today it is a city hidden in forest.

Tangwanghe National Park (tāng wàng hé guó jiā gōng yuán 汤旺河国家公园)
Tangwanghe National ParkLocated in the territory of Tangwanghe District (tāng wàng hé qū 汤旺河区), Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, Tangwanghe National Park is the first national park approved in China. It has unique tourism resources with the advantage of particularly favorable forest and ice & snow. There are approximately one thousand species of animals and plants where many reserves have been established. In the territory of the park, there are more than 20 rivers, among which Tangwanghe River (tāng wàng hé 汤旺河), the mother river of Yichun – China’s Forest Capital, is the largest with a total length of 509 kilometers. Tangwanghe National Park is almost entirely covered by vegetation. The park is most famous for its virgin forests of Korean pines, which are the most well-preserved in Asia. In addition, strangely shaped granite stones permeate the park and many have been given names for the figures they faintly resemble; such as "drunken tortoise" and "alien guest."
Tangwanghe National Park
Address: Number 102, Dongfeng (dōng fēng 东风) Street, Tangwanghe District (tāng wàng hé qū 汤旺河区)
Transportation: take bus to Tangwanghe District at Yichun Bus Station (yī chūn qì chē zhàn 伊春汽车站)
Admission Fee: CNY 50 (May 1-Oct.31), CNY 80 (Nov.1-Apr.31)
Wuying National Forest Park (wǔ yíng guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 五营国家森林公园)
Wuying National Forest ParkLocated in the northmost of Heilongjiang Province and south slope of Xiao xing’anling (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭), Wuying National Forest Park has the towering old trees, vast forest, and the largest scale and integrated preserving Korean pine virgin forest strap. It was assessed national 4A level tour area in 2002.
In the park, there are Dazixiang (dá zǐ xiāng 达子香) Scenic Area, Miniature Landscape, Shihu Hill (shí hǔ shān 石虎山), Camping Area in the open air etc. eight scenic areas, and twenty scenic spots, such as Songxiang Bridge (sōng xiāng qiáo 松乡桥), Guantao Tower (guān tāo tǎ 观涛塔), Roaring Tiger Mountain, Tianci Lake (tiān cì hú 天赐湖), Immortal Resident in Green Field. They are connected by a figure eight road at the side of park’s gate, which is 17 kilometers long.
The old and dense Korean pines in the garden have been 500 years old. The biggest one is more than one meter diameter, which needs to two person hold in arm. Tianci Lake is a famous scenic spot in the garden. Walking in the lakeside with bloomy wild flowers and lucid and clean water, you will feel relaxed and happy with mind
Location: Wuying District (wǔ yíng qū 五营区)
Transportation: take bus to Wuying District at Yichun Bus Station (yī chūn qì chē zhàn 伊春汽车站), and then take thirty-minute minibus to mountain.
Opening Time: 8:00-17:30
Admission Fee: CNY 40 (May 1-Oct.31), CNY 60 (Nov.1-Apr.31)
Hongxing Volcanic Geopark (hóng xīng huǒ shān dì zhì gōng yuán 红星火山地质公园) 
Hongxing Volcanic Geopark
Hongxing Volcanic Geopark is located in the northeast of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province with an area of 1685 square kilometers. The park is on the North Slope of the Lesser Xing’an Mountains (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭) and in the low mountain and hill region with an elevation of 156-650 meters. The main types of geological relics contain volcano, structure and water sights. The grand and magnificent volcanoes and basalt stone fields, deep and peculiar lava cavities, charming and gentle Kuerbin River (kù ěr bīn hé 库尔滨河) and water of Kuerbin Reservior (kù ěr bīn shuǐ kù 库尔滨水库), virginal and natural wetland, colorful flowers of azalea, dream-like rime, and poetic and picturesque rural scenery, against the Xing’an larch (xìng ān luò yè sōng 兴安落叶松) and white birch, make up pieces of fascinating pictures.
Location: Dapingtai Town (dà píng tái cūn 大平台村), Hongxing District (hóng xīng qū 红星区)
Transportation: take train to Hongxing District at Yichun Railway Station (yī chūn huǒ chē zhàn 伊春火车站)
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Xishui National Forest Park (xī shuǐ guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 溪水国家森林公园)
Xishui National Forest ParkXishui National Forest Park occupies a total area of 4580 hectares with superior geographic location. It has not only pleasant and beautiful scenery but also complete plant community of the Lesser Xing’an Mountains (xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭), enjoying the reputation of "Forest Eco-tourism Museum, Back Garden of Forest Capital Yichun".
The viewing area of virginal arbor covers an area of 476 hectares where there are totally 614 species of primordial plants, including all precious species of tall arbor in the Lesser Xing’an Mountains. There are 5000-meter paved paths around the mountains in the park. There are wooden buildings with different characteristics as well as recreation items such as Touring Tower, Longevity Bell, Joy Drum, and Happiness Gong and so on, which makes people linger on without any thought of leaving. The Russian Style Folk Park occupies an area of 800 square meters which can hold over 300 tourists. Xishui National Forest Park has complete facilities, elegant environment and unique natural landscape. It is the best choice for returning to nature, touring and holiday, leisure and recreation, and summer.
Location: Xishui Forest Farm (xī shuǐ sēn lín nóng chǎng 溪水森林农场), Shangganling District (shàng gān lǐng qū 上甘岭区)
Transportation: take train to Shangganling District at Yichun Railway Station (yī chūn huǒ chē zhàn 伊春火车站)
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Maolan Valley Scenic Area (máo lán gōu zì rán fēng jǐng qū 茅兰沟自然风景区)             
Maolan Valley Scenic AreaMaolan Valley Scenic Area, which has long been called "Jiuzhaigou" (jiǔ zhài gōu 九寨沟) in the north, is structural clough formed as a result of the fold fracture of earth crust’s vicissitudes. It occupies an area of 60 square kilometers, integrating strange mountains, clear water, dense forest, deep pool, and beautiful waterfall. It is a rare tourist resort for touring, holiday, scientific investigation and rock climbing.
Location: Xiangyang Village (xiàng yáng cūn 向阳村), Jiayin County (jiā yīn xiàn 嘉荫县)
Transportation: take bus to Jiayin County at Yichun Bus Station (yī chūn qì chē zhàn 伊春汽车站)
Opening Time: May-October, 8:00-18:30
Admission Fee: CNY 50
Yichun Water Park (yī chūn shuǐ shàng gōng yuán 伊春水上公园)
Water ParkEstablished in 1997, the Water Park is situated in the southwest of Yichun District with an area of 114 hectares. It is a touring area focusing on entertainment on water which is developed and constructed by Yichun District. It is divided into five function areas from east to west including activities on water, viewing and entertainment, garden in the park, bird woods and waterfall. In 1998, the Municipal Party Committee and Government of Yichun built the monument of development and construction of forest region in the central square of the park in memory of the 50th anniversary of development and construction of forest region. The monument is as high as 19.98 meters, which means it was built in 1998. The body of the monument is concrete model of the city tree (Korean pine), representing the 50th anniversary of development and construction of forest region. On the top of the monument is sculpture of the city bird (woodpecker) of Yichun and red sun, standing for bright prospect of soaring and development of forest region. Below the monument is a city flower (Xing’an Azalea (xìng ān dù juān huā 兴安杜鹃花))-shaped parterre and a music fountain, which means an inexhaustible motive force for the development of forest region. There are also scenic spots such as five-arched bridge and Recreation Park, etc. The water park integrates sightseeing and recreation with the largest area, the widest landscape and the most complete recreation facilities in the city currently.
Location: Yichun District (yī chūn qū 伊春区)
Transportation: Bus 1, 3, 5, 7
Opening Time: 7:30-18:00
Admission Fee: CNY 30
Local Food
Because of the tradition, Yichun’s food shows the deep local color of Dongbei District (dōng běi dì qū 东北地区). And the special point is the delicious live game, such as wild mushroom, potherb, fungus and so on.
The yellow flower and edible fungusThe Yellow Flower and edible fungus (mù ěr huáng huā cài 木耳黄花菜)
The Yellow Flower’s alias is Lily flower. The nutrition is very rich. Fresh product contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, is known alkaline food.
Maize SoupMaize Soup (suān tāng zǐ 酸汤子)
It is used the maize flour to ferment for some days. The taste is sour to help our digestion.
Fry PorkFry Pork (bāo guō ròu 包锅肉)
To put the pork with potato starch into the pan and to fry, the fragile and fresh taste make it became famous snack in Yichun.


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