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Dandong Travel Guide
Travel in Liaoning

Dandong City

Dandong (dān dōng 丹东), China's back door to North Korea and firstly known by the world for the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, belongs to Liaoning Province marked by the Yalu River (yā lù jiāng 鸭绿江). It is the biggest and most beautiful border city in China, and it is also the only city in Asia which has boundary port, airport, railway, river port, seaport and highway. Dandong has been chosen as one of the ten most livable cities in China by South People Weekly in 2010.



Dandong, as the border of China, is a military stronghold in every dynasty. Maps and artifacts suggest that the area has been settled since Zhou (zhōu 周) Dynasty. The area was named as Andong (ān dōng 安东) at first, which stands for pacifying the east, to reflect the power projection that China had over Korea at the time. It was occupied by Japan after the start of the first Sino-Japanese War in 1894. In 1907, it was opened as a treaty port, this policy made the national industry and business booming fast. It adopted its present name on January 20, 1965, which means “a red eastern city”.


Nightview of DandongThe night of Dandong is pretty beautiful, buildings' lights on the river side light up the night of the city. In the evenings plenty of the locals hang out around the riverfront and play sack with shuttlecocks. You can also sit down and watch a movie on a public flatscreen TV or take a romantic stroll along the riverfront. Kong Ming lantern can be seen sometimes, you can lighten one yourself and make a wish and see the lantern disappear in the sky.


The city enjoys a reputation as a great place to live because of the moderate temperatures in comparison to the surrounding areas. The average temperature of a year is about 6.8 to 8.7°C, it has long winter but the days which the temperature drops to -10°C are little. The summer temperatures can reach 35°C (95°F) but it doesn’t last long. Dandong also has a large precipitation mainly occurring during July and August, which takes 70% of the precipitation in northeastern China.



Yalu River (Amnok River)

Yalu RiverYalu River Scenic Spot is in the downstream of Yalu River, it is 210 km long and covers 824.2 km² and receives the water from over 30,000 km² of land. The scenic spot is composed of six scenic areas and more than a hundred attractions, moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both China and North Korea. The meander and the slowness of the river, the jagged cliff on both banks and the luxuriant woods, form a bright and colorful natural landscape. Along the river banks are scattered many historical sites and relics, and all these make the spot attractive for both travel and study.

Wulong Mountain

Wulong MountainLocated on the northwest of Dandong City, Wulong Mountain (wǔ lóng shān 五龙山) (Five Dragons Mountain) Forest Park is 20 kilometers’ distance away from the center of the downtown and is with an area of 64 square kilometers. Mt. Wulong is a part of Changbai Mountain (cháng bái shān 长白山) range with a length of 20 kilometers. The whole mountain is lofty and splendid, just like ridges of five flying dragons. Mt. Wulong has more than 90 peaks, the highest one among them reaches 708.5 meters. Dense trees, mysterious caves, old temples and various animals and plants compose the rich natural and human resources, making the mountain an ideal place to enjoy your vacation.
Admission fee: CNY 25

Qingshan Gou (Qingshan Valley)

Qingshan GouLocated in the northern mountains of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County (kuān diàn mǎn zú zì zhì xiàn 宽甸满族自治县) in Dandong City , Qingshan Gou (qīng shān gōu 青山沟) (Qingshan Valley) is composed of eight major scenic areas. The scenic area is 149.8 square kilometers with 126 spots and 36 waterfalls. The beautiful forests, clear water, calm and serene valleys make it a fairyland.


The total length of railway in Dandong is 260 km, which made up mainly by Shenyang (shěn yáng 沈阳) Dandong line and Fengcheng (fēng chéng 风城) Shanghekou (shàng hé kǒu 上河口) line. International trains including Beijing-Pyongyang line and Moscow-Pyongyang line both pass here.

Dandong is a transport hub city of second class roads. There are 527 lines for tourism including 1059 stations. From the long-distance bus station it takes about 10 hours to get to Beijing, 4 hours to Dalian and Tonghua (tōng huà 通化), 3 hours to Shenyang. The flag-down fare is CNY 5. CNY 1 per 600 meters after the first 2.5 kilometers.

Ports and Waterways
Dandong PortDandong Port, located on the west bank of Yalu river, is the most northern distributing port, from here you can go upper reaches to see the Taipingwan (tài píng wān 太平湾) Power Station and enjoy the beautiful landscape. It is bordered by the Yellow Sea in the south and is separated from the North Korea in the east. You can also go to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao and many ports by waterways from here. By the way, Dandong Korea line had been set up in 2006.


Eating in Dandong

Dandong food is with a strong influence of Korean cuisine, cold noodles is very famous there, it also has a notable seafood street in Dandong and more than 10 seafood restaurants managed there, whose ingredients are all very delicious and fresh. Here lists some “must eat” dishes in Dandong.

Menzi(mēn zi 焖子) is made mainly by agar jelly. Chopped into little pieces and mixed by sesame paste, shrimp sauce, garlic spread and vinegar, this dish is tasty and full of the smell of sea. You can taste it in the commercial walking street in Dandong, CNY 1 per dish, cheap and delicious.

MichaziIn Dandong, Michazi (mǐ chǎ zi 米叉子) is to eating what Yalu River is to traveling. No matter street snacks or star restaurant, it is can be seen everywhere. Michazi is a Manchu dish, it is made by corn meal and it looks like noodles. One should put them into cool water before frying, it is very delicious with mince meat and leek.

HotpotHotpot in Dandong can be divided into two kinds, Sichuan hotpot and seafood hotpot, and seafood hotpot has a strong local flavor. Fish meatball, shrimp meatball and loads of seafood can be eaten in this way. Liuwei Road (liù wěi lù 六纬路), the gym and development zone gather a lot famous hotpot restaurants. In winter, hotpot along with wine is a very good choice to keep you warm.