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Bijia Mountain
Travel in Liaoning

Bijia Mountain

Bijia Mountain (bǐ jià shān 笔架山) Scenic Spot is located on the coast of the Pohai adjacent to Jinzhou Port (jīn zhōu gǎng 锦州港). Bijia Mountain Island and Tian Qiao (tiān qiáo 天桥) are the key scenic spots in the mountain resort. The total area of the spot is 8 square kilometers, among which the land area of the scenic spot is 4.72 square kilometers. The mountain has three peaks, one is higher and the others are lower, it gets the name for it shapes like a pen rack (in Chinese we call it bijia). Tian Qiao, the sky bridge, dodges in and out of the water as the tide changes, so the mountain is sometimes called Tianqiao Mountain (tiān qiáo shān 天桥山).

Sanqing Pavilion

Sanqing PavilionMt. Bijia is a resort of Taoism. From down to top builds Zhenren Temple (zhēn rén guàn 真人观), Luzu Pavilion (lǚ zǔ tíng 吕祖亭), Taiyang Palace (tài yáng gōng 太阳宫) (the Sun Palace), Leigong Temple (léi gōng cí 雷公祠) (the Thunder chief Temple), Dianmu Temple (diàn mǔ cí 电母祠) (Temple of Lightning Goddess), Wumu Palace (wǔ mǔ gōng 五母宫), and Sanqing Pavilion (sān qīng gé 三清阁). Among them, Sanqing Pavilion is the most famous one and is a 'must go' spot. It is a completely stone-made but wooden-like six stories building without a single nail standing at the top of the mountain, from which visitors can have an overlook of the beautiful, vast sea. There are about 50 lifelike and vivid statues of the Buddha and Taoist and Confucian saints in the pavilion. On the top floor there is a shrine to the God of the Creation— Pangu (pán gǔ 盘古). It is the only one of its kind in China.

Tian Qiao (The sky bridge)

Tian QiaoDuring most times of the day, Bijia Mountain can only be accessed by boat. But when the sea recedes, a natural zigzagging cobblestone causeway, over 10 metres wide, links the island to the mainland and that is Tian Qiao, or Tian Lu (tiān lù 天路) (Sky road). It's a very rare attraction which appeals a lot of peolpe to visit here. Its legend has some similarity with the story in a part of Exodus about Moses parted Red Sea.

Legend of Tian Qiao

Long long ago, three fairies went to human’s world from heaven to take people’s sacrifices every Ghost Festival. One year, when flew to Pohai Bijia Mountain, they found the place wonderful and people here are kind and lovable. The fairies saw that the island and the mainland are separated so they decided to build a bridge to link them in order to pay back. They used magic power to blow the sand and pebbles together to form a dyke. When doing so, they woke up an evil dragon who liked to swim around the island, the dyke they were making blocked his way. So they started a fight. Finally the dragon lost, but they spent too much time on it and they had to go back and left the unfinished dyke behind. Therefore, when tide came the bridge disappeared and when it went out the bridge turned up.

Tide Table

Date (Lunar Calendar) High Low High Low
1 & 16 5:20 11:35 17:47 23:59
2 & 17 6:11 12:33 18:39 0:47
3 & 18 6:59 13:11 19:23 1:35
4 & 19 7:47 13:59 20:11 2:23
5 & 20 8:35 14:47 20:59 3:11
6 & 21 9:23 15:35 21:47 3:59
7 & 22 10:11 16:23 22:35 4:47
8 & 23 10:59 17:11 23:23 5:35
9 & 24 11:49 17:59 0:11 6:23
10 & 25 12:55 18:47 0:59 7:11
11 & 26 13:23 19:35 1:47 7:59
12 & 27 14:11 20:23 2:35 8:47
13 & 28 14:59 21:11 3:23 9:35
14 & 29 15:47 21:59 4:11 10:23
15 & 30 16:35 22:47 4:59 11:11

Location: Liaodong Bay, Tianqiao Town, 35 kilometers south of Jinzhou City.
Transportation: There are special lines 100 meters west of Jinzhou Railway Station, or you can take coach at the coach station next to Xingcheng Railway Station, the time taken is within 1.5 hours. Cost of fare is CNY 5 per person.
Tel: 86-0416-3581302
Admission fee: CNY 30
Opening hours: 8:30-17:00
• When tide comes, you can only take boat to the island and it costs CNY 10.
• Wear sandals in case that the tide comes when you are still walking across. There are peddlers selling sandals as well, CNY 5 a pair.