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Qianshan Scenic Spot
Travel in Liaoning

Qianshan Yuntan Lake

Located in the middle of Liaoning province, Qianshan Mountain Scenic Spot (qiān shān fēng jǐng qū 千山风景区) is 17 kilometers away in the east of Anshan City (ān shān 鞍山), and 30 kilometers away in the south of Liaoyang City (liáo yáng 辽阳). The total area of the spot is 125 square kilometers, and there are still 72 square kilometers under construction. Mt. Qianshan means a mountain with a thousand peaks, and actually Qianshan has 999. It is well-known for the marvelous peaks, the precipitous rocks and quaint temples, and enjoys the fame of “The Northeast Pearl”.

Xianren Tai (Immortal Summit) Scenic Spot
Xianren Tai PeakXianren Tai (xiān rén tái 仙人台) Forest Park, where most old pines are growing, covers an area of 29 square kilometers. Xianren Tai, which is 708.3 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Qianshan Scenic Spot, and it’s the best place for you to enjoy the sunrise and the clouds and overlook the lotuses. If you climb up the summit, the beautiful landscape is all in your eyes. The main peaks here include the Xianren Tai Peak, Jingang Peak (jīn gāng fēng 金刚峰), Tongming Peak (tōng míng fēng 通明峰), Jingping Peak (jìng píng fēng 净瓶峰), Yingluo Peak (yīng luò fēng 璎珞峰) etc. And on the top of Etou Peak (é tóu fēng 鹅头峰) (Goose head-like Peak) carves a chessboard, it is said that the Eight Celestials has played chess here. Famous rocks such as Wolong Rock (wò lóng shí  卧龙石), Shouxing Rock (shòu xīng shí 寿星石) and Hexin Rock (hé xīn shí 合心石) are all perfectly natural works. Moreover, there are a lot of caves full of idioms and legends which add mysteries to these places.

Wufo Ding (Five-Buddha Summit) Scenic Spot
Puan TempleWufo Ding (wǔ fó dǐng 五佛顶), 554.12 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak of Mt. Qianshan. It is named after five stone Buddhist statues, four sitting in the four directions and one in the middle. In this area, you can visit the temple which has the highest sea level. Before 1990, you have to climb for at least 2 hours to get to the top while now you can take a cable car and it only takes you seven minutes to the 4/5 of the mountain. After you get off the cable car and walk along the stone pave, you will see Puan Temple (pǔ ān guàn 普安观) -- the Taoist temple with the highest sea level.

Tianshangtian (The Sky above Skies) Scenic Spot
Sky Above SkyTianshangtian (tiān shàng tiān 天上天) Scenic Spot, located in the north of Mt. Qianshan, is about 5 square kilometers and 450 to 550 meters above the sea level on average. It is famous for weird-looking peaks and rocks and pines. A lot of emperors had visited here and spoke highly of it.
This is also the spot where famous Zuyue Temple (zǔ yuè sì 祖越寺) and Wuliang Taoist Temple (wú liàng guàn 无量观) are located. From the main entrance to Yulan Peak (yù lán fēng 御览峰) is the first travel period which appeals people mainly by various stones. The second period is from the end of the first one to Yuxia Guan (yù xiá guān 玉霞关), and the third one is to Wufo Ding. The former one is famous for delicate peaks and the latter one is for the pines. Except that, more than 100 famous attractions are located here such as Sky above Skies, the Seventh Heaven, the Ninth Heaven, Yixian Tian (yí xiàn tiān 一线天) (the Narrow Path between Rocks), Wooden-fish Rock (mù yú shí 木鱼石) and Pitiable Pine (kě lián sōng 可怜松) and so on.

MaitreyaBuddha Scenic Spot
Buddha Scenic Spot is on the southeast of Wufo Ding. This mountain is a statue of the Maitreya. The statue is 70 meters high, the width between shoulders is 46 meters, his head is 9.9 meters wide and his ears are 4.8 meters long. He has very clear facial features and arms and legs. It is such a miracle of nature that it is called as the wonder of the world.

Consecration Ceremony
the Hand of BuddhaThe consecration ceremony is a very important ceremony which should be held by a respectable hierarch. At the ceremony, he should hold a mirror and reflect the light of sun into the Buddha’ eyes, meaning he will come to people’s world and bless all. While the consecration ceremony of the Maitreya was being held, a rainbow, which lasted for about 30 minutes, appeared right above the “Great Buddha”. Then auspicious clouds like Maitreya and Bodisattva appeared one after another in the sky which attracted full attention of all people.

Birds Garden
Jingang PeakBirds Garden, which is besides Wufo Ding and is surrounded by mountains, is the biggest garden of birds in Asia. It provides you a natural way to communicate with various kinds of birds. The whole garden covers an area of 56 square kilometers and is composed of two yards, the inner yard and the outside yard. The inner yard has a lake over 20 square kilometers and the whole yard is covered by a big net to hold birds. The outside yard is connected with Xihai Ground (xī hǎi guǎng chǎng 西海广场) composed of dam, lawn and sculptures.

Location: Qianshan East Road (qiān shān dōng lù 千山东路), Anshan City, Liaoning Province.
Tel: 86-0412-5412111
Transportation: Take train from Anshan to Qianshan, and then take bus No.8. It only takes you 30 minutes.
Admission fee: CNY 30 for south area (including Xianrentai Scenic Area). CNY 80 for north area (other scenic areas) from April to October and CNY 60 for other times. CNY 20 for cable car.
Opening hours: 7:00-18:00 (April to October) 8:00-17:00 (Other times)
Tips: If you want to visit all the spots, it will take you about 2 days. So if you don’t have enough time, you’d better take a cable car, it will save you a lot of time.