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Home Travel in Liaoning Yalu River (Amnok River)
Yalu River (Amnok River)
Travel in Liaoning

Yalu River

Yalu River (yā lù jiāng 鸭绿江) Scenic Spot is in the downstream of Yalu River, it is 210 km long and covers 824.2 km² and receives the water from over 30,000 km² of land. The scenic spot is composed of six scenic areas and more than a hundred attractions, moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both China and North Korea. The meander and the slowness of the river, the jagged cliff on both banks and the luxuriant woods, form a bright and colorful natural landscape. Along the river banks are scattered many historical sites and relics, and all these make the spot attractive for both travel and study.


Yalu River ValleyYa
(yā 鸭) means duck and lu (lǜ 绿) means green. Yalu has become the name of the river since Tang Dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝) because the water is green as a duck’s head. It also comes from a Manchu word meaning the boundary between two countries. From 2,500 meters above sea level in Changbai Mountain (cháng bái shān 长白山) range, on the China-North Korea border, the river flows south to Hyesan before sweeping 130 km northwest to Linjiang and then returning to a more southerly route for a further 300 km to empty into the Korea Bay between Dandong (dān dōng 丹东) and Sinuiju (North Korea). Along the river mostly grow maples and pines, many kinds of animals live here as well.

Yalu River Bridge
Yalu River BridgeLocated in downtown Dandong, Yalu River Bridge is the most famous attraction among all. Yalu River has a long history for building bridges, and it started to build steel bridges from the last century. The first one is put into construction in 1905 and completed in 1911, with the length of 944.2 meters and the width of 11 meters, this bridge is the landmark on the river, which is destroyed later in 1950. There are still shrapnel pockmarks densely covering the bridge. The Chinese leaves the ruins untouched as a memorial of the "Anti- America, Aid-Korea" history. The second one is built in 1940 and is belonged to both countries. Take a boat here, you could enjoy the view of the two counties.
Address: Jiangan Road (jiāng àn lù 江岸路), Dandong City
Tel: 86-0415-2122145
Admission fee: CNY 20
Transportation: Take bus No.2/106/120/121/126/127/128. SHOW MAP
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00
Attractions nearby: Yalu River Park
Tips: Take a walk along Yalu River after dinner and you will find that the night view is very nice.

Shuifeng Scenic Aera
Shuifeng Scenic AreaShuifeng Scenic Aera (shuǐ fēng jǐng qū 水丰景区) has the biggest reservoir in Northeast China, and has the most beautiful natural scenery. The bounding scenery, Jiehe Culture (jiè hé wén huà 界河文化), the gorge and the ancient custom are the main points to attract travelers. The main attractions are more than 30, including Shuifeng Dam, Langjiantou (Làng jiān tóu 浪尖头), Panlong Valley (pān lóng yù 蟠龙峪), and Wind Cave and so on.
Location: Kuandian Manchu Autonomy County (kuān diàn mǎn zú zì zhì xiàn 宽甸满族自治县) SHOW MAP
Tel: 86-0415-2133943
Admission fee: Free
Transportation: Take nonstop bus from Dandong to Changdian to Lagushao.
Opening hours: 24 hours

Hushan (Tiger Mountain) Scenic Area
Tiger Mountain Great WallThe Great Wall is the symbol of China, and Hushan (hǔ shān 虎山) Great Wall, which overlooks the Yalu River about 15 kilometers northeast of downtown Dandong, is the eastern starting point of it rebuilt centuries ago during Ming Dynasty. A brief hike along the Wall provides beautiful views of surrounding cornfields, and the return path takes you right up against the small stream that separates Chinese and North Korean territory. Except the Great Wall, the ancient well of Goguryeo and the Sleeping Beauty and many other attractions also locate here, which make this area well known for its culture and unique scenery.
Location: Kuandian Manchu Autonomy County SHOW MAP
Tel: 86-0415-5578511
Admission fee: CNY40. Museum CNY 10
Transportation: Take bus No.15 in Dandong City. Inside the scenic area: Tourist bus (40 min. CNY 11 round-trip) leaves from left side of long-distance bus station at 8:10/13:00, returns from mountain 10:30/15:20。
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Taiping Wan Scenery Area
Taipingwan Power StationTaiping Wan Scenery Area (tài píng wān jǐng qū 太平湾景区) is composed mainly by two sections, Gudu Xincun (gǔ dù xīn cūn 古渡新村) and Taipingwan Power Station (tài píng wān diàn zhàn 太平湾电站). 50 kilometers away from downtown Dandong and 98 kilometers from Qingshan Gou (qīng shān gōu 青山沟), it faces Anping of North Korea. Yalu River makes this village a tourism resort. The majestic power station also attracts people by its magnificent architecture.
Location: Northwest of Dandong City and 50 km from Kuandian. SHOW MAP
Admission fee: free
Transportation: Take coach from Dandong to Taipingwan, call 86-0415-2137966 for the coach schedule.
Opening hours: 6:00-17:00

Jiangkou Scenic Area
Jiangkou Scenic Area (jiāng kǒu jǐng qū 江口景区) is the southernmost travel area. The boundary between river and sea is the most northern place of China. No.3 Jianghaijie Bei (sān hào jiāng hǎi jiè bēi 三号江海界碑) is the hottest spot.
Location: Zhenan District (zhèn ān qū 振安区), Dandong City. SHOW MAP
Admission fee: Free
How to get there: You can just walk along Yalu River or follow the map above.
Opening hours: 24 hours

Lujiang Scenic Area
Lujiang Scenic AreaLujiang (lǜ jiāng 绿江) means green river, the vegetation there mostly keeps its most origin status and is rarely altered. Situated in the juncture of Kuandian and Jilin Province (jí lín shěng 吉林省), Lujiang Village (lǜ jiāng cūn 绿江村) is the easternmost place in Dandong and has great natural landscape. It is called Shangri-La in the north. Hunjiang (hún jiāng 浑江), Xiaoqinggou (xiǎo qīng gōu 小青沟) and so on adds more magnetism to this area.
Location: Lujiang Village, Kuandian Manchu Autonomy County
Admission fee: Free
Transportation: Take coach From Dandong to Kuandian (CNY 23). Departure time from Dandong: 5:40/6:30/7:10/7:40/8:10/9:00/9:40/10:40/11:40/12:20/12:45/13:20/14:10/15:20/16:10/16:40/17:00/18:00 Then take bus from Kuandian to Lujiang (CNY 21.5). Departure time from Kuandian: 8:20/15:10.
Tips: Lujiang Village is very small and there’s only one hotel called Jiangjia Hotel (jiāng jiā lǔ diàn 姜家旅店) which allows 20 people to live.