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Benxi Water Cave
Travel in Liaoning

Benxi Water Cave
Located in Taizi River (tài zǐ hé 太子河) bank which is 26 kilometers away from the eastern suburb of Benxi City (běn xī shì 本溪市), Benxi Water Cave is a large-scale underground river karst caves that formed millions of years ago. It is the longest underground river in the world that can be visited by boat which covered an area of 36,000 square meters. It is divided into two caves, a water one and a dry one. Entering the half-moon entrance of the cave, there is a guest-greeting hall which is said to be the relic inhabited by human settlers 3,000 years ago. The main hall is water area of 1,000 square meters. Turn left, the 300-meter long dry cave with uneven ground and twisty road will represent you the beauty of various stalactites and caves. Take a boat, the fairyland-liked river will give you a strong visual impact.

Water Cave
Water CaveGo past the dock, the reflections in water and colorful lights make the whole cave a fairyland. The fresh floating air and the clear river are full of the cave. The temperature inside keeps 12 ℃ so you can visit it all year round. With many twists and turns, it is named Nine-curve Silver River (jiǔ qǔ yín hé 九曲银河). There are stalactites hanging down from the top vault presented by overflowing vigor and sparkling color. More than 60 scenic spotsJade Elephant with different characteristics are a feast for your eyes. Feiquanyingke (fēi quán yíng kè 飞泉迎客), Baopingkou (bǎo píng kǒu 宝瓶口), Baoliandeng (bǎo lián dēng 宝莲灯), and Corn Tower (yù mǐ tǎ 玉米塔)… Among them, the 3 most famous ones are Corn Tower, Jade Elephant (yù xiàng 玉象), and Snow Mountain, they are so vivid that they look like real things. More than 100 scenic spots stand along the river; each has its own feature. The boats silently drift through the illuminated cave revealing a weird world of stalagmites, stalactites, and bizarre rock formations that would cause even Salvador Dali to gasp. SHOW MAP

Dry Cave
The dry cave is more about 300 meters long with several little caves in it. Several landscapes inside like Gujing (gǔ jǐng 古井) (ancient well), Longtan (lóng tán 龙潭) (dragon pool) and Baibuchi (bǎi bù chí 百步池) (one hundred-step-pool) make you lost in fanciful thoughts and enchanted deeply. With the unique resource of the dry cave, a part of it is built into a museum for extinct plants and animals with the high technology.
Entrance of Water CaveWater CaveWater Cave

Crocodile Park
You can enjoy the most exciting crocodile taming show, including playing with it and kissing it and so on. If you are brave enough, try to sit on it!

Benxi Geological Museum
Geological Museum Located in the water cave scenic area, Benxi Geological Museum is a very important part of this park. The construction was put in build in 2006. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and shows the main change of the geology of our earth within 4.6 billions years. More than 3300 precious specimen are kept here. It has a very high scientific value.

Tiecha Mountain
Tiecha MountainTiecha Mountain (tiě chà shān 铁刹山) or Jiuding Tiecha Mountian (jiǔ dǐng tiě chà shān 九顶铁刹山), is the birthplace of Tao in northeast. Jiuding means nine tops, but actually the mountain has only five tops. It has such name because you can see three tops from east, north and south, altogether nine tops. The path to the top is long and twisty, but when you get to the top, you’ll feel it all worth. Despite the beautiful scenery, the grottos will feast your eyes too. The vivid statues which are formed naturally are inside the grottos, Yunguang Cave (yún guāng dòng 云光洞) is the most famous one.

Miaohou Mounatin (miào hòu shān 庙后山) Scenic Area has 12 archeological area relics, it’s an important place for studying paleoanthropology and geography. Wenquan Temple (wēn quán sì 温泉寺) Scenic Area mainly includes the thermal spring. The temperature of water remains 44°C, and it has high medical value. Water Cave

Location: Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area
Opening hours: 8:30 to 16:00
Admission fee: CNY 165 for adults, CNY 115 for children and senior citizens (including water cave, dry cave, Geography Museum, Sightseeing bus).
Attractions nearby: Guanmen Mountain (guān mén shān 关门山), Wunu Mountain (wǔ nǚ shān 五女山).
Transportation: There are tour buses from Benxi station to Water Cave station. Departure time: 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 11:20 12:00 12:55 13:20 14:30
Tel: 86-0414-4891288
Tips: Pay attention the temperature outside and inside of Water Cave.