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Home Travel in Fujian Scenic Spots in Haicang, Tong'an and Xiang'an
Scenic Spots in Haicang, Tong'an and Xiang'an

Riyuegu Hot Spring

Gulangyu Islet (gǔ làng yǔ 鼓浪屿), Nanputuo Temple (nán pǔ tuó sì 南普陀寺), Wanshi Crag (wàn shí yán 万石岩), and Jimei Tourist Areas (jí měi lǚ yóu qū 集美旅游区) are the most famous in Xiamen ((xià mén 厦门)). But they are not the whole beauty of Xiamen. Now we are going to find the other wonderful scenic spots.

Haicang Tourist Area (hǎi cāng lǚ yóu qū 海沧旅游区)

Haicang Bridge (hǎi cāng dà qiáo 海沧大桥)
It is a steel-box floating suspension bridge the first largest in Asia and third largest in the world. Haicang BridgeThe bridge is 5,926.572 meters long with its main section being 3,140 meters long. The towers are of the gate structure while piers are of a smooth curve structure. The 110 paralleled steel cables suspended on the air to the gate-like towers are a combination of power and beauty. Especially when night has fallen, the bridge in the flood of light is like a beautiful dragon on the sea water.

Fire Island (huǒ shāo yǔ 火烧屿)
Admission Fee: CNY 55
Fire IslandIt is situated on the sea area west to Xiamen and is the loca- tion of the western end of the Haicang Bridge. The island has a spring climate year round, with lush vegetation everywhere. Walking to the Fire Island Eco-park along a path, tourists will see lovely squirrels and peacocks in an unclosed zoo. The Zigzag Barbecue Camp is large enough for a gathering of more than 300 campers. Going further along the lake, people come to the natural geo- logical museum, a gorge full of col- orful rocks in fantastic shapes. Walking down along this gorge, people come to the sea beach where a platform stands for people to view the white dolphins - "giant pandas in the sea."
Qingjiao Ciji Palace (qīng jiāo cí jì gōng 青礁慈济宫)
Admission Fee: Free
Qingjiao Ciji PalaceIt is the temple of Wu Zhenren (wú zhēn rén 吴真人), a famous doctor of Northern Song Dynasty (běi sòng 北宋). The East Palace has solemn, mag- nificent and brilliant halls with flying-up eaves. It houses four treasures: a colorful painting of a sacred animal with phoenix head, dragon tail, turtle body and four legs. The palace has a beautiful and quiet landscape with the Qishan Mountain (qīng shān 青山) on its back and Longqiu (lóng qiū 龙湫) on its left.

Haicang Wildlife Zoo (hǎi cāng yě shēng dòng wù yuán 海沧野生动物园)
Admission Fee: CNY 60
Haicang Wildlife ZooThis zoo is the first theme park in Fujian Province for cultivating, domesticating, demonstrating and generating wild animals and scientific research. It houses more than 2,000 rare wild animals in some 100 kinds from various countries in the world. The zoo is divided into two zones: one for walking visitors and the other for driving visitors. Most animals are cultivated in open area. In addition, visitors can enjoy excellent performances by animals including those by sea lions or by bears together with lions.

Tianzhu Mountain (tiān zhú shān 天竺山)
Tianzhu Mountain Admission Fee: CNY 30
Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park has a coverage rate of 96.8 percent and houses more than 1,500 kinds of plants. The Tianzhu Mountain, the highest, is 933 meters high. The mountains and cliffs are magnificent and lakes are attractive with beautiful scene. In addition, there are hide springs. People just hear the gurgling of spring water, but not their appearance. The Tianzhu Mountain boasts many aged cultural sites such as stone carvings on cliffs. Here tourists can take forest bath, climb mountains, have exploration and hunting tours, enjoy barbecues, have camping in summer or recuperation.

Riyuegu Hot Spring (rì yuè gǔ wēn quán 日月谷温泉 )
Admission Fee: CNY 118 (CNY 138 on weekend)
Riyuegu Hot Spring The Riyuegu hot spring resort in Xiamen of serenity amid chaos has convenient traffic and covers an area of 260,000 square meters with a rich exotic flavor of Southeast Asia. It has the Riyuegu Hot Spring Theme Park, Riyuegu Hot Spring Hotel and Riyuegu Hot Spring Private Club. It is a multi-functional general type of tourism and vacation area with a combination of sightseeing and vacation, leisure and recuperation, commercial conference, sports and fitness and ecological demonstration.

Orient Golf Country Club (dōng fāng gāo ěr fū jù lè bù 东方高尔夫俱乐部)
Orient Golf Country ClubThe Orient Golf Country Club covers an area of 2.46 million square meters. The club has an 18-hole international standard golf course, an 18-hole mini golf course and US-style villas. The course was designed by the US designer Ronald Fream and built according to the terrain and other unique natural resources. The club constitutes a beautiful painting of the customs of a sea port in south Fujian. The club boasts luxury suites, standard rooms and villas, as well as Chinese and Western restaurants which provide various kinds of sea food and delicious dishes.

Tourist Area (tóng ān lǚ yóu qū 同安旅游区) 

Tong'an Film and Television City (tóng ān yǐng shì chéng 同安影视城)
Admission Fee: CNY 40
Tong'an Film and Television CityIt is a palace built in the style of the Forbidden City (gù gōng 故宫) in Beijing. The Gate of Heavenly Peace is one fourth smaller than that of Beijing, adopting the large timber structure, cornices and bracket sets, carved beams and painted rafters with delicate craftsmanship. The Hall of Supreme Harmony (tài hé diàn 太和殿), is smaller than that of Beijing but with identical decorations and furnishings. On the right side of the Gate of Heavenly Peace (tiān ān mén 天安门) is the Children's Playground. It is a fantastic place for broadening experiences and amusement teaching. Located below the Hall of Supreme Harmony, with all sorts of lifelike dinosaurs, the Dinosaur World of Jurassic Period let tourists experience the wonder of Jurassic nature.Dragon Pools on North Mountain

Dragon Pools on North Mountain
(běi shān yán lóng tán 北山岩龙潭)
Admission Fee: CNY 10
The North Mountain indicates the Beichen Mountain (běi chén shān 北辰山) in Tong'an and the Dragon Pools indicate the 12 pool waterfalls to the north of Beichen Mountain, at its foot. The rushing down water produces a one-kilometer-long valley and makes 1,000-meter-long waterfalls and 12 water pools. They are one of the 20 famous scenic spots in Xiamen.

Fantian Temple (fàn tiān sì 梵天寺)
Admission Fee: Free
Fantian TempleThe Fantian Temple is located on the southern foot of the Dalun Mountain (dà lún shān ). It was first built in the Sui Dynasty (suí 隋) and is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Fujian Province. Behind the temple stands the Ziyang Academy (zǐ yáng shū yuàn 紫阳书院). It houses the valuable stone statue of Zhu Xi (zhū xī 朱熹). The buildings in the temple are in an irregular arrangement and paths winds around buildings. With many trees and bamboos, the temple is quiet enough for cultivation and reading books.

Wild Valley Ecopark (yě shān gǔ rè dài yǔ lín 野山谷热带雨林)
Admission Fee: CNY 50
Wild Valley EcoparkFamous as "the Lesser Jiuzhai of south Fujian (mǐn nán xiǎo jiǔ zhài 闽南小九寨)", it covers an area of 415 hectares and is an important part of the Lotus National Forest Park (lián huā guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 莲花国家森林公园). In three phases, it will be built into a comprehensive tourist area for tourism, amusement, exploration, ecological farming, scientific popularization and inspection, school training and teamwork training.

Tong'an Museum (tóng ān bó wù guǎn 同安博物馆)
Tong'an Museum Admission Fee: CNY 4
The Tong'an Confucius Temple was first constructed in the Five Dynasties (wǔ dài 五代), with an area of 1,050 square meters. The Confucius Temple is a place to pay homage to Confucius, as well as a renowned school. Now the temple is renovated as the Tong'an Museum, which holds the historical relics, the introductions to outstanding local gentlemen and officials, and cultural relics of the past ages since the Western Han Dynasty (xī hàn 西汉).

Former Residence of Su Song (sū sòng gù jū 苏颂故居)
Admission Fee: CNY 9
Former Residence of Su Song, or Lushan Hall (lú shān táng 芦山堂), is in northwest part of Tong'an City. The building has rooms in three rows and a total floor space of 750 square meters. It houses a sitting statue of Su Song, the Su family record and pictures of eight famous persons of the Su descendants.
Su Song (1020-1101 ), a native of Tong'an, was famous as an expert in several fields. The Su Song Science and Technology Hall shows Su's great career as a politician, diplomat, astronomer, druggist, writer and historian.

Former Residence of Su Song

Xiang'an Tourist Area (xiáng ān lǚ yóu qū 翔安旅游区)

The Xiang'an Tourist Area faces Jinmen across the sea, and Dadeng Islet (dà dèng dǎo 大嶝岛) is only 1,800 meters from Jinmen Islet (jīn mén dǎo 金门岛). The small commodities market for Taiwan businessmen is famous. It is the only trading market open directly to Taiwan businessmen on the mainland of China and where people can buy famous knives and sorghum liquor of Jinmen.

Three Heroic Islets (yīng xióng sān dǎo 英雄三岛)
Three Heroic IsletsThe Three Heroic Islets refers to Dadeng, Xiaodeng (xiǎo dèng 小嶝) and Jiaoyu (jiǎo yǔ 角屿) islets. Due to its special geographical location, the three islets were used to be the forward positions of the battlefield, where emerged many heroic and moving deeds, hence the name "Three Heroic Islets". Dadeng Islet is the largest. Many historical remains have been left on the three islets, such as the former Broadcasting Station to Taiwan, blockhouses, hidden fortresses, trenches, tunnels and other promotion facilities and defense works, which have become special tourist products. Meanwhile, the three islets are the besl positions to observe Jinmen of Taiwan. 

Battleground Sightseeing Garden (zhàn dì guān guāng yuán 战地观光园)
Battleground Sightseeing Garden Located at the southeastern end of Dadeng lslet, the Battleground Sightseeing Garden covers an area of over 87,000 square meters. The sightseeing garden consists of 18 tourist attractions. In addition, blockhouses, hidden fortresses, trenches and tunnels that can be found everywhere. Entering the sightseeing garden, tourists can see a great number of aircrafts, cannons, tanks, patrol boats, warships and other weapons, in addition to the largest bugle in the world with a diameter of 2.95 meters, blockhouses, sentry posts, protection nets and other military facilities.