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Tanggu, Pearl of Binhai New District
Travel in Tianjin

Tanggu Ship

Though in November 2009 Binhai (bīn hǎi 滨海) New Area in Tianjin (tiān jīn 天津) was consolidated into an administrative district, and the former subordinate districts of Tanggu (táng gū 塘沽), Hangu (hàn gū 汉沽) and Dagang (dà gǎng 大港) were abolished, many local people still habitually use the old terms of "Tanggu District", "Hangu District" and "Dagang District". "Tanggu" and "TEDA (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development)" are the most popular two words when people think of the new district.

Tanggu Area
Bank Square Park by Haihe RiverTanggu is the center of Tianjin Binhai New District. It covers 50km from south to north, and 25km from east to west, and has a coast line of 92.16km. Situated in the east of Tanggu District, the Port of Tianjin is the biggest comprehensive trading port of North China. With the annual 250million tons through put, the Port of Tianjin has trading relations with more than 400 ports in over 180 countries and areas all over the world. Tanggu is also a city with a long history and unique culture. The ancient relics found in the modern city make it charming and mysterious.
Attractions in Tanggu:
Bank Square Park by Haihe River (hǎi hé wài tān gōng yuán 海河外滩公园)
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Dagu Fort (dà gū pào tái 大沽炮台) [Details]
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Exotic Cargo Market (yáng huò shì chǎng 洋货市场)
Golden Street (jīn jiē 金街)
Beitang (běi táng 北塘)

Exotic Cargo Market
Exotic Cargo MarketTanggu Exotic Cargo Market, located on the western side of Hebei Road, attracts thousands of people to visit, both domestics and foreigners. There is a large range of Exotic cargos, about 30 different items, from big items like motors, domestic electric implements, cameras, videos, to small items like garments, shoes, caps, watches, and lighters. The Exotic cargos there are cheap, but with good quality. Guests can always find something precious and unique.
Golden Street
Golden Street It is 1,350 meters long and divided into three sections. The street is famous for its special design, especially the statutes and greenbelt lighting. Golden Street brings numerous people and wealth to Tanggu District, and is a shopping paradise for people. Various branded commodities can be found here, and shoppers enjoy cuisines and famous Tianjin local snacks, at establishments such as Goubu Li Fast Food Restaurant, Up Island Café, Brazil BBQ, Korean Cuisines, Italian Pizza, McDonald, KFC, and others.
Seafood In BeitangA historic fishing town in Tanggu district of Tianjin municipality is slated to return to its roots, yet also become a modern recreation, commercial, exhibition and conference hub. In October every year as marine life matures in North China, seafood lovers gather in Tianjin to enjoy the harvest and now they will have another venue - a new seafood street in Beitang built with used containers from Tianjin Port.

Hangu Area

Binhai Aircraft Carrier Hangu is located 28 kilometre from Tanggu, 90 kilometers away from Dagang area. It is a district in east Tianjin and a gateway towards Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. Hangu is blessed with rich land resource as well as abundant seawater and freshwater resources. It also has prosperous biologic resources. The traffic in Hangu is convenient, with Jingshan railway running though it.
For tourists, Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (bīn hǎi háng mǔ zhǔ tí gōng yuán 滨海航母主题公园) is a must see attraction. 
Admission Fee: CNY 110

Dagang Area
Dagang area is located south of Tanggu area at the southeast of Binhai New District municipality area. It has a population of oer 440,000 and occupied 1113.83 km² in size, with a coast line extending about 25 km on the eastern side. Dagang has developed a base of petroleum chemistry with Dagang Oilfield within its border.TEDA

Tianjin Economic-Technological Development (TEDA) is the main free market zone in Tanggu District in Tianjin, China. It was established in late 1984 and now has more foreign businesses than Shanghai. While technically part of Tianjin, TEDA looks like a separate city and is about 40 minute drie from downtown Tianjin. The completion of the rapid transit system Binhai Mass Transit in 2004 has made the travel time between Tianjin downtown and TEDA much quicker and more convenient.

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