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Home Travel in Beijing Sleepless in Beijing—Wudaokou Pub Reviews
Sleepless in Beijing—Wudaokou Pub Reviews
Travel in Beijing
Linked by light train to city center and marked by tons of fancy restaurants and trendy bars, Wudaokou (Haidian District) surely is the ideal place to start a night. With Tsinghua, Beijing Language and Culture University and other colleges around, pubs here carry a unique air. Check out places listed here and party up—publife in this downtown place just seems more and more fun!


"Not just another medium-sized standard nightclub. Online rated “bar with most pretty faces”, Propaganda is favored by the young and boys always have places to lay eyes on."
Few bars in Wudaokou offer such a mix with main floor lounge, upstairs disco and underground hip-hop dance floor. Fluorescence labeled on hand at the entrance and now you are officially part of this young tribe.
Propaganda regulars are mostly fun-seeking students from nearby colleges and foreign drifters in Beijing who would love to pass a casual night.
With large sofas at back wall and scented candles flickering in front, the main floor lounge in Propaganda never fails to offer a cozy feel. Great place to chat. Still, you can hop on to the front bar stools, start a conversation with the next-seat stranger over a cup or two, or just keep it to yourself and be a loner. Your call. Above are two TV sets and sports-fan, movie-goer, whatever you are you can always find your treat.
Bells for dancing time. The downstairs floor opens at ten o’clock every night with great DJ, great music and dance-loving people stepping into the groove. Featured events are on going every week: Wednesdays Cocktail Night, Thursdays Lady’s Night (Free admittance for the lady), Fridays Tequila’s Night (Off-price Tequila available) and occasional parties at weekends. Can be a bit crowded on Saturdays and Sundays but that is part of the fun too.
Propaganda carries an impressive range of drinks highlighted by its cocktails and beers. Foods are offered at a competitive price in the area. So treat your stomach, pick your poison and show out your move in the pool. 

"Bars can not be a place to collect thoughts? Careful with your answer. Get up stairs of Oz Sun bookstore you will find peace in Lush with its welcoming interiors and relaxing music."
A western owned and operated bar that opens twenty-four seven, Lush attracts host of foreign people as regulars. Do not miss the Lush guests snapshots gallery on the wall when walking up stairs—seeing those happy faces will just light up your day as well.
With lamps at table, light music on and wireless internet provided, Lush appears to be a perfect study spot by day. If it’s too early for alcohol, you can take your coffee break when feel to and let the window view of downtown Wudaokou be a treat to your eyes.
Have time to kill but forgot to grab a book? You just lucky that Oz Sun bookstore is right there down stairs. It offers wide choices and Chinese learning books always come handy.
Mild but never boring. Lush’s nights begins with a series of events: Open Mic on Sundays with 15-minute talent show and free beers, big screen movies on Mondays, Pub Quiz on Wednesdays and all-night-long live music on Fridays. Surprises keep coming in Lush and anytime you are there is the right time.
You can call Lush a gastro-bar if you’ve had a taste of its homemade cooking. Rich and original, that is the kind of flavor you are expecting. Love Lush, love Wudaokou. And that is what Lush is about. Here you can have the Downtown Wu cocktail (mixer of Malibu, banana liqueur, vodka, and pineapple juice) and see if it says the Wudaokou in your mind. Also, I heart Wu T-shirts come in all sizes and wearing one can make you feel one of Lush.
Overall, not top choice for fun-lovers but easiness and space is what makes this place. So come in, sit back and taste your drink together with your life.

"Do not go expecting a swanky place with all luxuries. If you ask for a cocktail or grub then you might end up disappointed. This place is really all about music. Great fantastic music if you know what I mean."
Simple but descent, that is the D22 style. As a music-theme nightclub, D22 sets itself a paradise for band maniacs. With a 200-guest capacity, it hosts the most music grand events in the area and D22 has every reason to take pride in its first-class sound gears. Take a seat on the upstairs sofas or in Henry’s Room, you can get exposed to the best live show as never before.
To offer musicians a stage to perform, that is D22’s ultimate goal or at least the goal of Michael Pettis, the night-time boss and day-time professor in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Been running his own music brand back in New York, Michael Pettis carried his dream all the way to Beijing— to see a ever-thriving music culture grow in this town.
Band, Punk, Pastoral and underground music, shows are live every day in D22 with performers from China, Korea, America, Australia, and anywhere music goes. You can check the D22 Week Show Forecast first or just be there and let it be a surprise. What you find great will be great and true that any ordinary night can stand out with great music on.