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Wanquan River

   Wanquan River
Wanquan River
(wàn quán hé 万泉河) is lying on the east part of Hainan Island (hǎi nán dǎo 海南岛). It is the third longest river in Hainan, and is 162 km long. It rises in the Wuzhi Mountain (wǔ zhǐ shān 五指山), and flows generally northeast turbulently in a narrow route through mountainous regions. About half way downstream, it enters Qionghai (qióng hǎi 琼海). Here the river bed widens and the water flows gently, and on the banks are mostly coconut trees and banana plantations. For its last 30 km, the river makes a southeast turn, and before it empties into the South China Sea at Bo'ao (bó 'áo 博鳌), where it joins the Longgun River (lóng gǔn hé 龙滚河) and Jiuqu River (jiǔ qǔ jiāng 九曲江) in a common estuary.

Wanquan RiverOn both banks of the upper reaches of the river, mountains are fluctuant. There are the tropical forest, rubber plant garden and inscriptions on precipices on Shihu Mountain (shí hǔ shān 石虎山). A huge reseroir interrupts the whole river, making the river on the upper reaches a large lake.

On the middle and the lower reaches of Wanquan River, the waters are flowing slowly. The river becomes wider and wider from the upper to the lower part. Water is so clean that stones and sands in the bottom can be seen clearly. In the morning, villages and coconut trees on the river are in the mist. While in the afternoon, the sunshine makes the river golden.

Wanquan RiverThe most attractive part of Wanquan River is the mouth of the river. There are the sea, sand beach, and forest. The bright sunshine and the fresh air will make you relax.

Wanquan River
Location: Qionghai City, Hainan Province
Admission fee: CNY 5

Opening hours:
all day
Transportation: you can take tourist bus in Qionghai City to get Wanquan River