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Home Travel in Fujian Let's Enjoy the Mountains(Mt.Wuyi)
Let's Enjoy the Mountains(Mt.Wuyi)

China's spectacular mountain landscapes attract the professional climber and wide-eyed adventurer alike. Serious climbers are drawn to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to scale the challenging summit of Mt. Everest -known as Mt. Qomolongma in China- the tallest peak in the world. And others naturally gravitate to China's Five Sacred Mountain Peaks, which Han Emperor Wu Di declared sacred in the 2nd century BC.
Given the weather, May is one of the best seasons for climbing up the mountains. So do not hesitate, follow us and let’s enjoy the mountain.


Mount Wuyi(武夷山), lying in northern Fujian Province, covers an area of 60 square kilometers. Most of the hills here are made of red sandstone, very steep but flat on the top. The peaks and rocks of grotesque shapes are girded by clear streams and embraced by green trees and bamboo plants. The Nine-bend River, 60 kilometers long, meanders among the hills, presenting the most charming tourist route in this scenic zone.
Mount Wuyi has a long cultural history. The site of the Wuyi Palace built in the seventh century for emperors to conduct sacrificial activities remains today. It had been an important center of China's Taoism and was listed as one of the top nine Taoist Temples in the 10th century. The mountain also boasts many other cultural relics including stone inscriptions.
In 1999, Mount Wuyi entered the lists of world cultural and natural heritage.

How to get Mt. Wuyi

By air
The Wuyishan airport is just 15 kilometers from Wuyi scenic area. You can take a taxi to get to the destination. (Fee: about RMB30).
If you start from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen, you can choose to get there by air.

By train
Shangrao(上饶) in Jiangxi Province, Shaowu(邵武)and Nanping(南平)in Fujianp Province are three entrances to Mt.Wuyi. So you can first arrive at these three cities, where you can transfer a direct bus to Wuyi scenic area.
Tourists from Shanghai or Hangzhou can get off at Shangrao station, and then transfer a direct bus to Wuyi scenic area; it will take about 4 hours. Tourists from Beijing or Guangzhou can get off at Shaowu station, and then transfer a direct bus to Wuyi scenic area; it will take about 3 hours.
In most cases, you can fins a bus station near the railway station, which is one of features in China’s transportation system.

What to see in Mt.Wuyi
There are a huge number of scenic spots in Wuyi scenic area. Here we introduce a five-day trip to you. In this trip, you can enjoy most of the beautiful sights and cultural relics.

Day 1: Lotus Peak(莲花峰), Yulin Pavilion kiln relics(遇林亭窑址景区), Water Curtain Falls (水帘洞)and Big Red Robe Spots(大红袍景区).

Lotus Peak

Yulin Pavilion kiln relics

Yulin Pavilion is one of the biggest ancient Dragon kilns which make the china for the royal families and senior officials in ancient China. Yulin Pavilion can make 50,000 pieces of china each year. Dragon kilns originated in south China about 2,000 years ago, and this site is all that remains of two of the Song Dynasty’s longest dragon kilns (2m * 113m)

Big Red Robe Spots
:In this spots, you can enjoy the tea culture of China.

Day 2:
Cloud Nest(云窝), Heavenly Tour Peak(天游峰), Great King Peak(大王峰),Peach Cave sports(桃源洞景区), Nice-twist Stream Spots (九曲溪景区)and Wuyi Palace Spots(武夷宫景)

Cloud Nest

Heavenly Tour Pea

Heavenly Tour Peak is Wuyi’s best view. It offers a spectacular view of islands of mountains in a sea of clouds
(which Chinese call "The Ends of the Earth")

Peach Cave sports

Rafting excursion in the Nice-twist Stream

The two-hour rafting excursion isn’t cheap—100 Yuan a person—but it’s the best part of Wuyi (besides the climb up Heavenly Tour Peak). On the rafts, you can enjoy the excitement as well as the beautiful scene along the stream (There are more than 30 scenic spots along the stream.).

Great King Peak

Wuyi Palace

Wuyi Palace was built in the seventh century for emperors to conduct sacrificial activities remains today. It had been an important center of China's Taoism and was listed as one of the top nine Taoist Temples in the 10th century.

Day 3: A Ray of Sky (一线天), Roaring Tiger Rock Spots(虎啸岩景区) and the site of the Han Dynasty Royal Capital City of Minyue Kindom(闽越王景区).

A Ray of Sky

Roaring Tiger Rock Spots

Han Dynasty Royal Capital City of Minyue Kindom

About 35 km south of Wuyi City, lies the 2,000-year-old ruins of the Minyue King’s palace.The 10,000 sq. m palace foundation rises like a lopped off Mayan temple. It once boasted south-facing palatial buildings, east and west gates, side gates, east and west wing rooms, and a 10m x 5m bathing pool.

Day 4: the Ecological Park in Wuyi Grand Vally(武夷大峡谷生态公园), Qinglong Waterfall(青龙瀑布)

the Ecological Park in Wuyi Grand Vally

Ecological rafting excursion

Qinglong Waterfall

Day 5:  Mount Muyi State nature Reserve. (武夷山国家自然保护区)


1 Fee
Mt.Wuyi implements the “one-ticket system”, with the ticket you can enter into most of the scenic spots. The tickets is classified to three kinds: one is one-day ticket(RMB140), the second is two-day(RMB150), and the third is three-day ticket(RMB160), which means you can enter into the Wuyi scenic areas in any times you line freely.

But if you want to enjoy some special ones, you have to pay extra money. Specifically, you have to pay extra money in the following spots:

name of Spots                     Fee 
Nice-twist Stream rafting excursion 100
Tongmu Stream rafting excursion 100
Ecological rafting excursion 100
minjiang rafting excursion 100
Mount Muyi State nature Reserve 80
Mount.Wuyi Natinal Park 160
Qinglong Waterfall 40
Wuyi Grand Vally 40

2 Transportation
There are three entrances to the Wuyi scenic areas, North Entrance of Chishi(赤石北入口), South Entrance of Shangpu(上埔南入口), and West Entrance of Xingcun(新村西入口). And the South and North Entrance are near the State Holiday Resorts, which is more convenient. You can take Bus No.6 or Xincun Bus to either of them. Choosing which one to enter into depends on your trip. You can see the Map for detailed information.

There is no bus to the Mount Muyi State nature Reserve, so if you want to go there, you have to rent a car. It is about 200-400RMB per car (can contain 4 people). Of course, you can rent a car with other tourists.

3 Something about rafting excursion
Wuyi scenic areas has four different kinds of rafting excursion: Nice-twist Stream rafting excursion(in the Nice-twist Stream), Tongmu Stream rafting excursion(near the Qinglong Waterfall), Ecological rafting excursion(in the Mount Muyi State nature Reserv ) and minjiang rafting excursion(near the State Holiday Resorts). But each of them have their own features, if you have time, you can enjoy all of them. If you only want to enjoy one or two, you can not miss Nice-twist Stream rafting excursion and Ecological rafting excursion.
And you have to book the ticket before in the midseason. So many people are waiting for the rafting excursion.

4. Preparation for your travel
Raincoat and enough clothes. The weather in Mt.Wuyi is variable and the gap of temperature between night and daytime is great.
If you want to enjoy the Ecological rafting excursion, you had better take a pairs of slipper or sandal, as you will be wet from your head to bottom at the end of your trip.
Necessary medicine . According to your own situation.

Where you can live

In the Mt.wuyi, you’d better live in the State Holiday Resorts, as there is only one river between Mt.wuyi scenic area and the State Holiday Resorts. There are all kinds of hotels from 5 stars to family inn in the State Holiday Resorts. If you book the hotel before, the average charges are as follows:

5 star hotel: about 500 RMB/ two-bed room
Wuyishan Scenery Golf Club.( 武夷山风景高尔夫俱乐部)(see the picture)
Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort (武夷山悦华酒店)(see the picture)

3 star hotel: about 200 RMB/ two-bed room
Wuyi Century Land Hotel(武夷山世纪桃源酒店 )(see the picture)
Wuyi Mountain Post And Telecommunications Hotel(武夷山邮电宾馆)(see the picture)

All of the hotels above can offer following service free:
Pick you up when you get off the plane and train. You should tell the hotel your time of arrival.
Help you book the tickets and cars.
Provide you with counseling.

Fengfeng Youth hostel (highly recommended)
The charge is about RMB60/ two-bed room, it also has three-bed room.(see the picture)
The owner is very nice.
It is close to the Bus Station
It can provide you with delicious local food in very low price.
Help you book the train tickets and spot tickets.
There are lots of Backpackers in the hotel, so you can rent the car with them together. And travel with them., it is interesting.
TEL: 0599-5193567

What you can buy in Mt.wuyi

Wuyi tea(武夷岩茶)

There are more than 80 kinds of Wuyi tea, and the most famous one is Big Red Robe(大红袍):The three Big Red Robe bushes originally grew wild on top of the mountain, but centuries ago slid halfway down and have clung there since. All other Red Robe bushes descend from these three, and are called Little Red Robe.
Big Red Robe bushes are never watered, so the flavor varies year to year, depending upon the mineral content and the weather. The flavor is flowery some years and milky others. Little Red Robe tea, almost always has a somewhat milky flavor—though the flavor improves as the bushes age (and the higher the elevation, the better the flavor).

Red mushroom(红菇)

Red mushroom can only be found in several areas, and Mt.muyi is one of them. So it is very rare .

Wuyi Liuxiang(武夷留香)

It is a kind of wine made from sticky rice.

Dried bamboo shoot(笋干)